Darker corners of His Mind

“You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – Morpheus, from The Matrix

Two years later and  still gratefully  venturing infinitesimally deep down His very dark and depraved rabbit hole of degradation, humiliation and objectification, crawling closely behind the Man who collared her almost three years ago. With every trip down the twisting turning seemingly never ending tunnel she begs to be taken on she resurfaces hoping she is one step closer to reaching it’s true nature as His property and object, being stripped slowly and almost always painfully of it’s dignity, humanity and personal autonomy while being degraded, dehumanized and humiliated surrendering all of it’s existence happily, learning it’s place at His White Feet where a brown, inferior fuckpig, animal and object like her belongs. 

This journey has not always come easy for me…. As long and she can remember becoming an “object” and “it” has terrified her to the point at times into panic attacks. It has also been not only eye opening slowly being transformed but extremely humiliating leaving this depraved creature in a now constant state of arousal with His training in long term orgasm denial paired with forced edging many times a day. Since her last post she was His puppy brownie a very happy, naive and almost innocent little creature which she enjoyed tremendously opening her mind and heart with easing some fear and building more trust learning He is here 100% leading and guiding her each step of the way. 

Looking forward to her next entry delving into the many steps and personas she has been taken to on her very mental and emotional journey becoming His now fuckpig and objects of use for His needs and pleasures. 


 “My little brown bitch. Only useful things about her are her holes, her udders and her cooking.”

She read that today from Daddy and felt so happy…. Yes it may sound cruel to a vanilla girl but to a slave such as her it just gives such a warm fuzzy feeling in all the right places ::grinzzz:: Today was such a wonderful day with Daddy, talking all day about so many things, learning things about each other, likes, dislikes but more importantly to her, learning His wants, dislikes, needs in order to serve Him better.

She is always in submission to her Master whether He is present or not, ready to please Him at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances. The privilege  to submit and to please Him is so very important to her, it is a need that runs deep in her heart. Today she had been licking and sucking His feet, hands, neck etc…He finally looked down at her and asked ” And what does My little brownie want?”  She answered nothing but to bring You pleasure and make You feel good Daddy, she has always been one so hungry to please, so happy to bring pleasure and happiness to all around her, it just makes her sooo happy to finally bring pleasure to a Man she serves, it has been so very long. As she told Him this she thought perhaps He does not approve; self doubt always seeming to grab her harshly when she freely expresses herself, but then as she looked up she realized He is the One finally who accepts her, all of her….her doubts, insecurities, silliness, tears, perversions. She can finally be herself completely….no secrets, no pretending, no trying to be something she is not, just her. She told Him that this little brown dirty, depraved little girl adores Him, and of course ::smile:: He asked her why. She told Him because He knows all there is to know about her and He accepts her, the real her….. His response ::swoon:: “And why wouldn’t I? she is a wonderful and a dirty stupid lil brown slut/whore/putita/doggy bitch that knows her place underneath and behind her Superior White Master”…..  and that she is wanted and accepted. For the first time ever for her she is serving a Master who accepts her completely and wants her….today was a great day in this little girls journey of submission.

His new rules for her new life….

Today she received her new daily rules as His new collared doggie, little girl, slut, whore, it and His slave. Life has been unchanged for her for a very long time now. It has been two years since her mother died and since then she has been lost, sad, unsure of everything and wondering who she is and wanting so badly to know happiness again.

Her rules seem simple enough when seeing them in writing, greet Him every morning…this rule brings a smile to her face, she has missed the amazing closeness only a Master/slave relationship gives her, when she closes her eyes every night her mind wanders to Him, the Man who she is collared to, the Man she desires to serve and please, the Man that she looks to for direction, acceptance, and guidance now in her life, finally she feels safe with a Man again, it has been so very long. When she wakes He is the first thought she has so her first rule is such a privilege to greet the Man every morning who she has given all of herself to, her heart, mind, body, soul, fears, tears, pain, happiness…..she is grateful.

As the days go by she will describe each rule and how she accomplished His rule and how it affects her and her thoughts ….

One of her rules is a rule used to train her new life as His pet, dog, bitch, as she prefers to call His slutpuppy…. When He wrote this particular rule it both excited her and left her with fear. Now that You are Mine i expect that it will continue to piss and shit on the floor…lick both and play with her fuckhole until cumming….yes you read it correctly, she is His dog, bitch who she admits is always in heat…. She has been doing the first three things of this rule already, He has now added orgasms to the rule, she has achieved this only once before becoming His, and now three times more today, the first time she came she took a video for Him knowing He would enjoy watching her degrade and lower herself following His rules and taking her mind to her true self as the depraved, perverse dark minded girl she has always been, she did not balk, as she squatted peeing she glanced at the camera and had to look away knowing as He watches this He will find his own perverse enjoyment watching as she performs for Him, knowing He will smile seeing her look away, laughing at her as she both peed then got down putting her face in her puddle of piss, rubbing her hungry fuckhole, wet and excited slurping the piss down her throat as she squirmed, moaned, grinding her big ass in the air feeling her hungry cunt spasming as her fingers worked her clit, her face now covered in her own piss. This rule as debased as she feels, as disgusting others might think of her is again a privilege having the opportunity to both please Him and please her needy fuckhole that is never satisfied.