Darker corners of His Mind

“You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – Morpheus, from The Matrix

Two years later and  still gratefully  venturing infinitesimally deep down His very dark and depraved rabbit hole of degradation, humiliation and objectification, crawling closely behind the Man who collared her almost three years ago. With every trip down the twisting turning seemingly never ending tunnel she begs to be taken on she resurfaces hoping she is one step closer to reaching it’s true nature as His property and object, being stripped slowly and almost always painfully of it’s dignity, humanity and personal autonomy while being degraded, dehumanized and humiliated surrendering all of it’s existence happily, learning it’s place at His White Feet where a brown, inferior fuckpig, animal and object like her belongs. 

This journey has not always come easy for me…. As long and she can remember becoming an “object” and “it” has terrified her to the point at times into panic attacks. It has also been not only eye opening slowly being transformed but extremely humiliating leaving this depraved creature in a now constant state of arousal with His training in long term orgasm denial paired with forced edging many times a day. Since her last post she was His puppy brownie a very happy, naive and almost innocent little creature which she enjoyed tremendously opening her mind and heart with easing some fear and building more trust learning He is here 100% leading and guiding her each step of the way. 

Looking forward to her next entry delving into the many steps and personas she has been taken to on her very mental and emotional journey becoming His now fuckpig and objects of use for His needs and pleasures. 

Race play and BDSM

765245f6c398c685eac60261bafe14d0I am fully aware that the subject of Race Play within the community is going to draw it’s fair share of critics just as much or possibly more than the vanilla community. As a latina growing up in a true 1950’s  household where my father was the breadwinner and my mother the housewife and as such knew her place within her marriage and household. As a girl growing up in this dynamic I was raised to be very submissive to my brothers and father. Our family was not your typical family in our upper middle class neighborhood, in fact i was one of very few non caucasian children in my school and my group of friends.

As i got older I was the center of attention among the white boys both in school and neighborhood. Many would talk dirty to me asking questions regarding my race, some questions such as; Is it true that your pussy tastes like a taco? or one i heard for years; Is it true all mexican girls like to fuck donkeys and dogs, and one i still hear today; mexican women are sluts they love sex and that is why White Men seek them out. All these questions and remarks from most boys i knew growing up humiliated me which made me extremely attracted and inferior to them and their stereotypes of me sexually.

Now to modern day life as a slave. I had dabbled here and there with a few White Men in the community who were extremely attracted to me because of the color of my skin. It felt natural to me, as I was turned on by the treatment  as a teenager and accepted my position below the boys who enjoyed leaving me flushed, speechless and wet. With getting so much attention from these boys especially the popular jocks she was easily accepted by the popular white girls and felt an equal with them.

During O/our get to know eachother phase she told Daddy that she was interested in race play as I enjoy the humiliation factor it brings and  He being my first White Master I was hoping He would be also and   was elated as it is an interest of His. Never in my life have i enjoyed a form of humiliation so much. I know that many of my friends may not be accepting of my enjoyment and true feelings in my vanilla world but it is not something i can change nor would i want to at this point in my life. I am proud to be a slave who knows her place as an inferior mexican slave to her White Master and would not have it any other way 🙂