Slutpuppy’s day at the park


Mushy tuna sandwiches, sighs, smiles, protein bar, drooling, pain,evil grins, tears, long soft kisses, sobbing, blushing, whimpering,crying, ¬†gagging, orgasms, cathartic release, fear, growth…all these things have one thing in common that this depraved brown girl has always feared and hated “Public Play”.¬†

Public Play/ Exposure – Play which involves exposing oneself in public (i.e., flashing). Used for control, humiliation, degradation and all sorts of fear filled activities.

She is a very open slave, depraved and very sexual with very little limits. But the fear of being placed in such a vulnerable place, so much so on some of her profiles in her BDSM commuity she lists it as her only limit. So as she had already previously mentioned to Daddy that she is fearful of this type of play but that she understood as He reminded her that she communicated to Him of her desired hopes that He pushes her limits and
accepts and trusts His training  because she desires to grow in all aspects, mentally, emotionally, physically.

She can sometimes not make enough time when getting her tasks done and preparations for the days they meet, meaning bottom line she has been known to be late on occasion, sorry Daddy. So the morning of their picnic Master advised her that He is giving her sufficient notice and will give her updates of His work day to insure and insist no excuses for being late as His time is already limited and does not appreciate her lack of respect with His time. Needless to say if You know her personally a demand not to be late will usually put her in a slight panic knowing Daddy always makes her accountable for breaking rules or requests with punishment without mercy to show retribution for her actions and hopefully learn something through it. So she had a billion things to do before date so she got to them and got them done early, (hmmm funny how quickly she gets things done when Master demands it hehehehe) So she decided she would prep lunch so that when He was on His way she would leave at same time and arrive first. The menu for lunch? Tuna sandwiches, her not being a fan of tuna didn’t realize that mushy fish made mushier with mayo and mustard then put on bread and left to sit for too long ends up being a mushy bread, mushy fish mess, hahaahaha, she of course apologized to Him that along with the mushy mess she brought a limited amount of napkins, so her nerves were starting to get the best of her along with the thought of Daddy hoping to push her limits decides to take her down that rabbit hole of complete humiliation and degradation.¬†Fidget, sigh, nervous smiles that are so hard not to notice and will ALWAYS push a ¬†Man like her Daddy to torment her further so it begins…..

As she sat sipping her drink watching Him eat and feeling so incredibly happy to be there with Him He asks, You are not eating? Her response was she already ate not realizing that was probably rude to not wait to enjoy a meal with Him sooo at that point she grabbed her protein bar she had brought in ¬†case she got hungry and began to eat that, now she just has to mention that these bars her son calls her twig and tree bark bars as they are very dry and packed with nuts and are very hard to chew requiring small bites be taken. Daddy not happy with her lunch answer took bar from her, ¬†broke it into pieces and began to hand feed His happy dumb puppy which of course got her hot and bothered, gently taking a few pieces from palm of His hand began chewing and chewing and chewing, hand in face again, “eat more” again she daintily takes more pieces into her mouth struggling to chew and swallow what she had in there already hahahahhha, Him just watching her chomp not so daintily anymore on her tree bark bars, starting to feel panicked as He begins to break more up, “eat more” now she is struggling to get the rest into her mouth without making a mess of His hands, FAIL, chew, whimper, chew, chew again Him looking over at her not saying a word, needless to say her lip gloss was not smeared on her chin, bits and pieces of bark stuck in it, chocolate smeared in her cleavage along with more bark falling out of her mouth as she tried to get that damn tree chewed up and swallowed, then it happened, He shows her His hand, chocolate alll over palm of hand, fingers and at base of His long fingers, “clean my hand” chew, chew, chew, insert fingers into her mouth, lick, lick, smearing more on His already soiled hand, panic sets in as a large group of a men’s baseball team are arriving to practice, many of them walking in from of the car, it took a bit more time but she finishes the tree and opens up to show Daddy, now back to the task of properly cleaning His hand, and of course we all know that the proper way to clean chocolate from the base of long fingers is to shove fingers down her throat so she can reach the chocolate, gag, gag, cough, whimpers. As His other hand gets a handful of her hair at nape of her neck she begins to panic knowing that is when the real fun begins as He begins to push her head from behind while the other hand is pushed further down her throat, choke, gag, drool, tears, moan, the struggle begins and her headspace begins to change as she looks deeply into His eyes, seeing the dark desires, the sadistic enjoyment and it happens, the people playing baseball, the cars driving back and forth are not there, it is just His eyes, at that point not even sound is remembered, just the struggle and depraved need to be more degraded, her sexually desires being horribly challenged as she was under orgasm denial for which seemed like months….squirm, gag, grind, whimper, moan as He of course laughs at, finally pulling out His hand content with her hand job. He of course now has her at a point of no return for her, a point of sexual desire and need to release she will do anything for Him to be given the privilege of having His orgasms as they are no longer hers but His and He determines when and where she cums of course being only when it is going to ¬†amuse and please Him to watch her depraved, dark state of mind push her to new lows to satisfy her insatiable and greedy fuckhole.¬†

She at this point does remember her being asked if she could cum just hearing His voice and of course being required to bark her responses, bark, bark, whimper, squirm, His eyes looking right through her….. “you have seven minutes to cum five times slut, and yes You can touch Your slimy fuckhole to accomlish it, she not even caring now who might be ears distance of hearing her, reaches into her dripping mess and begins rubbing her little slippery clit, fingers finding their way up her slippery fuckhole, squirm, moan, fast breaths, eyes closed she is abruptly brought back to reality with a slap to her face,” bitch eyes open at all times do not look away or close them again” HUGE STRUGGLE FOR HER!!!! yet it does not matter within a few seconds first orgasms racks her body, twist, grind, pant, moan and as she does again seeing the look in His eyes loving every minute that she will so easily forget her huge fear and writhe in the car in pleasure to please Him and the obvious, to finally get sexual release. “number five Master thank You” in a small breathless voice, eyes glazed, mind spinning, fuckhole still spasming. She is now trying hard to remember what He was asking her, just remembering He was talking to her.¬†

Head spinning, eyes closing, he takes her into His arms, head in His chest beginning to breathing almost back to normal and a new phase begins of her introduction to His degrading version of take Your puppy to the park  game of Public Play, if cuming loudly, jerking and moaning did not have her on her way to the release she gets with deep humiliation, a cathartic release, loss of control of her emotions as she realizes what she has just done willingly for Him feeling now the pain He is now inflicting on her nipple just put her there, pain, pain, whince, eyes closed, panting like the bitch she is with both pain and pleasure now racking her body. She is one that needs to be taken to a point of such relentless pain that she is reduced to a sobbing grateful calling out for her Daddy in between sobs, finally releasing all that she holds in her mind and heart. Sobbing and calling for Him He knows she is there, the destination He loves to take her to and that she needs to cleanse her mind and heart. After she calms down honestly she does not remember much of anything else but the most amazing, tender, slow loving kisses He gives her, so tender and having such a huge contrast as the look of sadistic pleasure He had seconds ago has her fighting off tears of thanks and love for the Man who took her to another trip down His depraved, dark rabbit hole. Of course her always following willingly knowing it will be a dark place that feeds off of her fears and as racked with fear she may be on the decent comes back safe, full of gratitude and love for Him and already looking forward to growth and conquering her fears with the most amazing Man she knows. Thank You Daddy for again filling her body, mind, heart and soul so perfectly with Your needs and fulfilling hers.

::At Your feet::



¬†“My little brown bitch. Only useful things about her are her holes, her udders and her cooking.”

She read that today from Daddy and felt so happy…. Yes it may sound cruel to a vanilla girl but to a slave such as her it just gives such a warm fuzzy feeling in all the right places ::grinzzz:: Today was such a wonderful day with Daddy, talking all day about so many things, learning things about each other, likes, dislikes but more importantly to her, learning His wants, dislikes, needs in order to serve Him better.

She is always in submission to her Master whether He is present or not, ready to please Him at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances. The privilege ¬†to submit and to please Him is so very important to her, it is a need that runs deep in her heart. Today she had been licking and sucking His feet, hands, neck etc…He finally looked down at her and asked ” And what does My little brownie want?” ¬†She answered nothing but to bring You pleasure and make You feel good Daddy, she has always been one so hungry to please, so happy to bring pleasure and happiness to all around her, it just makes her sooo happy to finally bring pleasure to a Man she serves, it has been so very long. As she told Him this she thought perhaps He does not approve; self doubt always seeming to grab her harshly when she freely expresses herself, but then as she looked up she realized He is the One finally who accepts her, all of her….her doubts, insecurities, silliness, tears, perversions. She can finally be herself completely….no secrets, no pretending, no trying to be something she is not, just her. She told Him that this little brown dirty, depraved little girl adores Him, and of course ::smile:: He asked her why. She told Him because He knows all there is to know about her and He accepts her, the real her….. His response ::swoon:: “And why wouldn’t I? she is a wonderful and a dirty stupid lil brown slut/whore/putita/doggy bitch that knows her place underneath and behind her Superior White Master”….. ¬†and that she is wanted and accepted. For the first time ever for her she is serving a Master who accepts her completely and wants her….today was a great day in this little girls journey of submission.

His new rules for her new life….

Today she received her new daily rules as His new collared doggie, little girl, slut, whore, it and His slave. Life has been unchanged for her for a very long time now. It has been two years since her mother died and since then she has been lost, sad, unsure of everything and wondering who she is and wanting so badly to know happiness again.

Her rules seem simple enough when seeing them in writing, greet Him every morning…this rule brings a smile to her face, she has missed the amazing closeness only a Master/slave relationship gives her, when she closes her eyes every night her mind wanders to Him, the Man who she is collared to, the Man she desires to serve and please, the Man that she looks to for direction, acceptance, and guidance now in her life, finally she feels safe with a Man again, it has been so very long. When she wakes He is the first thought she has so her first rule is such a privilege to greet the Man every morning who she has given all of herself to, her heart, mind, body, soul, fears, tears, pain, happiness…..she is grateful.

As the days go by she will describe each rule and how she accomplished His rule and how it affects her and her thoughts ….

One of her rules is a rule used to train her new life as His pet, dog, bitch, as she prefers to call His slutpuppy…. When He wrote this particular rule it both excited her and left her with fear. Now that You are Mine i expect that it will continue to piss and shit on the floor…lick both and play with her fuckhole until cumming….yes you read it correctly, she is His dog, bitch who she admits is always in heat…. She has been doing the first three things of this rule already, He has now added orgasms to the rule, she has achieved this only once before becoming His, and now three times more today, the first time she came she took a video for Him knowing He would enjoy watching her degrade and lower herself following His rules and taking her mind to her true self as the depraved, perverse dark minded girl she has always been, she did not balk, as she squatted peeing she glanced at the camera and had to look away knowing as He watches this He will find his own perverse enjoyment watching as she performs for Him, knowing He will smile seeing her look away, laughing at her as she both peed then got down putting her face in her puddle of piss, rubbing her hungry fuckhole, wet and excited slurping the piss down her throat as she squirmed, moaned, grinding her big ass in the air feeling her hungry cunt spasming as her fingers worked her clit, her face now covered in her own piss. This rule as debased as she feels, as disgusting others might think of her is again a privilege having the opportunity to both please Him and please her needy fuckhole that is never satisfied.