Pretty Fluffy Tail….

Receiving her new butt plug puppy tail this weekend was very exciting for her. As she took it out of the private packaging it was shipping in she began to feel warm, flushed and happy. She pulled out the tail which was wrapped in a large ziplock baggie and found it hard to contain herself wanting to feel the softness of the fur on her hands and face, as she rubbed the soft fur on her face she began feeling the familiar sexual desires she experiences being slowly taken into her mind space as His bitch. Her mind begins to relax, she shuts out the world around her, focusing on her Owner, His voice, His eyes, expressions on His face and just being, washing away any thoughts of her human life, an almost trance of warmth, happiness, very oral sexual desires and depraved needs, the desire to please Him as brownie is huge, desiring to be pleasing to Him in any way she is trained by Him to be.

Puppy play for her is letting go of all her human inhibitions, stress and worries, stripping away of dd His slave and little girl and becoming very primal, stepping out of her everyday reality, She is in her every day life quiet, shy and very much an introvert. Her identity as His brownie, His puppy is very different from her human self, as His bitch she is expressive and creative very much different than who she is, the freedom of not needing to speak is amazing, learning to communicate with Him on a completely different level, a very deep and emotional level for her. As with each time she enters into her puppy mind space she as mentioned closes off her world around her, as she strips off all of her clothing it begins, naked now on her knees, on all fours. Pulling on her knee pads she is already brownie, ears, nose, collar and leash no longer human, now a subhuman brown little doggie beast He has helped her create in mind, heart and body to please His needs as an Owner of a human pet. As His pet she is at her most vulnerable emotionally trusting Him with all of her, especially her mind and heart.

Back to her new tail. She loves it, the softness, color, fluffiness and the way when inserted will sit partially straight out before it drops to look just like a puppies tail, happy, brown, fluffy and totally her. She of course took pictures and sent them to Him thanking Him and promising that it will not be worn for the first time without He being the one to insert it and see it before anyone else does as she is His pet and all of her including this fluffy tail she holds in her hands that He knows as well as she does when inserted into her will push her mind deeper than it has gone before into the mind space His puppygirl brownie has ever entered into.

Daddy she can hardly wait to see You this week, she is not sure which she is more excited for, pleasing You with her new tail; shaking her big brown ass making it wag happily for Your amusement and enjoyment or the 42 belt lashings her fuckhole will endure for You in honor of Your birthday ::shivers:: she is bouncing off the walls anticipating the pleasure she will be allowed and grateful to bring You ::big smiles::

Love You Daddy!!!!!

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