The two sides of her “IT”….. a lesson in dehumanization.

To be an edge player mentally can be a very happy, deep, dark but safe place for her when taken there by Master as it was this morning. A lesson in dehumanization, to being reduced to His object, as she calls it His “IT”, reaching today finally took her to a mind space that with Him today was a wonderful, sexual depraved, needy, owned, very safe place to be. Mentally a place that hurts but in a good way knowing it is cherished and cared for, taken there not only to please His depravities but hers also, a place of mutual enjoyment and complete respect, a place she flies in, a place she needs, a place He takes her to and returns her safely feeling loved and cherished.

Then there is the other side of being “IT”, the place she allowed herself to to slip into it, taking the highly sexual, extremely depraved drive her mind and body at times pushes her into, the person without Master will take her to the as the saying goes, To he wrong side of he tracks, a place others believed she belonged to be because of her promiscuity, high sex drive, a place of pleasing others, even strangers. A place she could have easily been taken to if it wasn’t for the the tiny little quiet voice in her conscious telling her it was a place of danger, disease, perhaps never coming back the same both physically and mentally, a place she would have allowed herself  to to gain love from another, a place she will never have to know now, a place He protects her from….

She finally realized the place she was heading for today in her lust for Him was a cold, dark lonely place, a messed up place she was reduced to when she was little girl; used, abused, taken then just used for years not as a cherished little girl but as an object, and “IT” to satisfy sick delusions that taking her was ok, it was not and left her empty and angry but now she knows the difference and is grateful for the Man she serves and kneels to now…..who keeps her safe from herself and the dangers she can fall into…

2 thoughts on “The two sides of her “IT”….. a lesson in dehumanization.

  1. I know one of her limits is being pushed into the “it”, just an object where I can fulfill My desires and pleasures using its holes for My enjoyment and she went there so willingly. Afterwards, I took great care in bringing her back, holding her, whispering to her and caring for her…even though it seemed like she did not want to come back.
    Then later in the evening, I started down that road with her again, but noticed she was angry, frustrated and started to cry. she had to stop it herself and a discussion was held about the difference between the morning session and the evening…it is then that My brownie, My magnificent brown beast, was able to talk about the differences of attitude and behavior. I was shocked that My weak minded lil brown beast was self aware enough to know the difference and what is needed to keep her safe. As a result, I will keep My property, My brown beast, My putita, dd and it, as safe as possible. Who knows, maybe My superiority is rubbing off on her, and in her ;)…to which I say…good girl..petting her head…

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