Crawling down….

♥ She is a mother, she is a sister, a lover, friend and forever will be a daughter♥

♥she is also His slave dd.  A slave that needs to be His brownie, and has truly always been His putita♥

♥A slave is not all that she is, it is a PART of who she is♥

she has thoughts, feelings, wants, desires, and needs like anyone else. Being a slave does not mean she gives up who she is. It means she becomes more aware of who she is. Some close to her have asked truly how can this be so if she allows someone to own her mind, her heart, her body and her soul????

her response to them is that it is possible  and it is because of the trust she shares with the One she calls “Daddy” and “Master”. she trusts  Him to not hurt her and He doesn’t.

she trusts Him to know her, better than she knows herself and so many times she is reduced to tears as He proves that to her.

It is easy to hide from herself and to say things aren’t so, that all is ok, that things are good , until she has to write them out for Him.

Then it becomes real.
Then comes the time to face the fears, the darkness, the light. Taking her leash on the decent down the now familiar hole of depravity He leads her, she obediently follows needing to find the truth He brings her to realize, the truth He already knows.

When the fears are faced and the truths revealed again He emerges from the darkness of His mind her in tow, returning her back stronger, more committed  more in awe that with each fear she faces the happier she has become, and most importantly without the shame she had admitting before crawling down that dark hole the true slave, slut, dog, whore and “IT”  she finds so much joy being for this Man who she was meant to serve all her life and now finally does.  

Stripped of the shame society has put on her all her life she is becoming a better slave for Him and finally a friend to herself each journey He takes her on…..

♥♥♥She loves You Master♥♥♥

Thank you Daddy…dd, putita and brownie!

4 thoughts on “Crawling down….

  1. I am in agreement with what she has written. she is a mother, sister, a lover and a friend. she is also, at her very core, My brownie and I know this because of her journals. This is the reason I have her journal, so she had to face the fears of her weak lil mind, she has to be honest with herself in a way that she can be comfortable in her own dirty, brown skin. It is far to easy to say, yes, she agrees, it can be easy to bite her tongue and let it out later, but to write something down is personal, another window to the soul, as writing, especially in a public forum, when she can be anonymous to those who don’t know her can be freeing and let out the true self, which she has, time and again in her previous entries.
    I am happy that this putita has allowed Me to become her Daddy, a position of respect and honor. Then, I was astounded that her curiosity has allowed her to go down My path with trust, and because of that, she has transformed into My brownie, My fat assed brown beast, My sexual slave and most recently, My it, My good girl…but most importantly, she is Mine!!

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  2. Nothing has taken her to more amazing places than being Your brownie and being Your property….she is grateful for taking her to all these places with such amazing expertise to open her completely, feeling safe to let go.
    she loves You Master….


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