Now a handful who read this who know her very well may be saying in their heads”It is about damn time silly, stubborn, selfish, scared little girl” particularly one, yes ::pointing:: You know who You are because You must have become sick of hearing her sarcastic “WHATEVER” as You tried to get her to calm down long enough to listen. “It is about damn time silly scared little girl” She agrees You were right, yes oh my gosh, quit worrying about the future, sad about the past and just live in the moment and enjoy. ::rolling her eyes:: WHATEVER hahahahah, she loves You my dear friend. And You of all people knows she is the stubborn defiant girl who always needed to learn the hard way, angered in the end people like You were right.

Now she knows a huge part of finally letting go is coming to terms and finally letting go of a relationship that was in the end a very sad place for her, constantly living in the past and grasping to anything to stay there. ::looking up to previous paragraph:: she knows how hard You tried to get her to understand we were no longer good for each other, that she needed someone who would take her places You could not, ::crying:: thank You for not allowing her to run away from Him, for convincing her that her feelings meant something, quit living in the past and start a new chapter without fear. ::Shaking her head:: HOT DAMN were You so right dammit…..::SMILE:: He is so good for her and she hopes she is good for Him. Now the past with it’s anger in her lifestyle life is gone….

To present day ::huge dorky puppy smiles:: finally she is learning to to just live in the moment, the present and what an amazing place it is to be with You Master, never imagining that life could be so intense, moving, deep, dark, enlightening, happy, holy crap she could go on finally feeling completely owned, finally trusting a Man to give all of herself to and receiving back something she had desired for so long , a Master, Daddy, Owner who wants her, enjoys her, dare she say has feeling for her and shut up, as she says expressing her love for Him without saying she is sorry for it. The places You have taken her to, just being, relishing the moment, giving in to the feeling, no worries, no distractions are so mind boggling, happiness, trust, hope, darkness, ::evil little grin::

Now with her daily meditating ordered by her sexy as hell, smart, evil, caring Daddy, trusting in a Man who has given her training in such a positive way to let go, accept, just “be” and delving into the teachings of Buddha have helped in freeing herself of her anger and unhappiness living in the past.

When she lives in the past or future, she misses out on the freedom and peace in the now. When she truly looks at her resentment with clear eyes, mind and heart she can finally recognize her part in everything that happens in her life, good and bad knowing that holding onto the past is a path she is slowly leaving behind with the help of the positive Man she now serves.

She finally has learned how the past keeps creating her future, and when she is conscious of this finally she gets to make another choice FINALLY learning to slowly forgive the past and embrace the now, just being, a blank mind without influence on anything or anyone to distract her, an amazing place to be…… thank You Daddy for allowing her and helping her understand with Your training to just let go……to finally be free to be who she is not hiding it but finally relishing ever moment and new thing she learns.

4 thoughts on ““Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.” ~Unknown

  1. I am glad My fat assed lil brown slutty beast has come to accept the mantra of “just be.” It is very healthy and freeing to focus on the present, in order to be happy…in order to serve openly with all of her being. I knew once she came in public…she was there…I don’t know if she remembers, but after she was done…I told her that now she is truly owned, that she is getting deeper. she looked at Me puzzled, and I said, that she is truly Mine. she agreed, but it didn’t seem she truly understood as she still had a quizzical look on her. However, Me knowing that she is a dumb, pathetic lil brownie girl, I would let it settle in…and now she has it…as I call her over to My side…who’s a good girl? With her licking My hand…that’s right…My fat assed brown beast is a good girl…petting her head.

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  2. That her writing has pleased You and her growth also pleases You Daddy but more so because, and she says it often she is so happy being Yours but to hear You say it, saying it truly happy and proud to own her makes her so very, very happy Daddy, thank You.


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