How could it be?

The unmistakable fiery adoration and lust in Your Piercing Blue eyes,
Tearing down her every layer of put up defenses,
Drawing out her every innermost thought,
The deep connection astounds her.

Being with You she feels safe,
Safe in the closeness of You and her,
Where she spills out the true her,
Where she shares her deepest longings,
Where she unveils her innermost core,
You draw her out like no other.

Thank You for allowing her to be her. You complete her, You hold her heart in Your hand. You gorgeous, beautiful, perverted, sadistic Man she serves…..she is so lucky to be owned by You,  she desires to be at Your feet always……

2 thoughts on “Translucent…..

  1. I am very happy that putita feels safe with Me. That is what I strive for because I know, as well as any serious Dom and submissive knows, is the only way to draw out the inner self, to feel safe enough to be allowed to let out the true self.
    It has been My experience that subs will only show, tell and say what they think the Dom wants to hear. Although that might be gratifying in the beginning, that fire is quickly quenched and either one or both, move on to the next feeling unfulfilled, if both are honest. However, once the sub’s true self is exposed…all of their desires, their thoughts, their feelings (oh no…the “f” word), then that relationship will truly last.
    Therefore, I am happy that My putita, My dd, My brownie feels safe enough to expose all to Me…not just her pathetic brown body, but her weak mind, her emotional heart and her complicated, yet tender soul, to Me…leaving nothing to hide; knowing that she is safe in My sadistic, evil, creative and dark hands…yes, she is My putita, My dd, My brownie…My good girl..

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  2. Master, she also is happy and grateful that You allow her to reveal herself completely with You. She is sure she is not the only sub/slave in this lifestyle that has experienced dynamics and relationships that their Dominants discourage expression of emotions and tenderness from them. She has come to the conclusion that it is because their fear of true commitment and also expressing their feelings prevents the relationship and dynamic to flourish and grow eventually stagnating. So thank You for allowing her to show all of her without feeling fear of being judged and for also allowing her to see the kind, tender heart You have for her.



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