Obedience is probably the singular most important quality a submissive/slave needs.
A Master must always have control over a submissive in order for the power exchange to take place, but without the element of obedience there would be no control.
A submissive needs the control in order to make her life complete, but needing it and obeying every command are often two very different things.

In the everyday life of a submissive, obedience can make the difference between a successful D/s relationship and a difficult one. Every request from the Dominant should be obeyed…. Every task should be completed.
It can be a very hard emotional battle to always obey, and i believe i have yet to meet a submissive/slave that is 100% obedient.

She knows in her own relationship with Daddy, she always desires to obey Him and with all her heart always believes that His way is the right way but have asked for explanation to understand clearly His reason for aspects of her training or a request she has made, but, as His slave,  she must trust Him to do the best for me, and therefore if He asks her to do something, she must do it. The most difficult thing is to obey when she is torn with His final word or if she does not understand, however, the need to please Him, and to serve Him overrides the thought of disobeying. Two nights ago was one of those instances she made a request for something and He did not allow her request, she felt mad not understanding why and was saddened but of course obeyed but while trying to process His decision and obey immediately put her in a very bad place to the point of today suffering a terrible panic attack which was exactly what He was trying to prevent as He is her protector and is constantly keeping her from making bad decisions that will hurt her. Daddy she is very sorry for questioning Your decision and after suffering her attack which she feels badly about because now remembering the look of despair and worry on Your face breaks her heart, please forgive her bad choice and know that she is so incredibly grateful to serve You..putita.

One thought on “Obedience….

  1. Yes, My stupid lil brown beast did not heed My warning as I told her not to do something for her own good. In addition, she did not ask why I was telling her, no. As a result, she got herself lost and could not find a way out of her situation, consequently, the panic set in. It took all of her focus and strength to get herself out of a mindset she should not have been on her own.
    As a result, a discussion was held later and further explanation was given as to the reason why (even though there should not have been) and My stupid, impetuous lil brown girl paid the price. Even though she apologized profusely, there still is a draw on her that wants to go back to that situation. Now, I must spend more time to make sure the stupid slut does not go back there. However, I will spend that time because I am her protector, her Daddy, Owner and Master, however…as I get right into her face to make sure her weak lil mind comprehends, and whisper, that does not mean there won’t be consequences…and give her an evil, sadistic smile…

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