Peeling back the layers on this little brown onion…….

Did you know that the Egyptians worshipped the Onion,believing that its spherical shape and rings symbolized eternal life. She will be peeling back those layers and seeing what and who is underneath the layers of this little brown skinned onion. Uncovering past traumas that are affecting the here and now, searching for those personas she associates herself with in her servitude to her Owner.  This topic was chosen by Master to help understand the layers of her submission, personalities and who make up slave dd,

His putita a very emotional brown little girl who in her Daddy/littlegirl dynamic with Him is from a happy safe time in her life. His brownie, a very happy, silly very sexual little brown doggie girl who in her Owner/pet dynamic with Him is a persona derived by her during a very traumatic and painful time in her life as a 10 year old little girl, it was a way of escaping and trying to cope with the hurt and confusion of sexual child abuse. And last but not least is His slave dd, the grown woman who with her other two layers serves Him with deep submission in love to Him, an extremely depraved, highly sexual and perverse, very emotional, shy, very mental, introverted mexican girl, whore and slut, the very grateful sometimes scared, very submissive, at times insecure, happy slave in service to Him.

She has always associated herself as these layers of who she is, some personas with secrets only recently revealed in her adult life becoming finally for the first time in her life completely transparent, a place she had always both desired and dreamed of reaching as a slave knowing without it she would truly never serve a Master completely having years of walls of herself built high around her. 

Putita is the little girl in her that is how she has associated herself during most of her years in the lifestyle, it is the happy little girl, sweet little girl, mostly non sexual version of her little girl for the first time with anyone, the soft part of her, when sick, in fear, insecure, the part of her she was early in her childhood, Daddy has been the One to finally tap into that part of her, a part of  her that adores and loves Him, the one that protects her, soothes her ::crying:: a complete different little girl she was in her last dynamic. Her last little girl was also happy but not always, sad and extremely sexual and depraved, so depraved given a dog name as a little girl because she never entered into an Owner/pet dynamic with her last Master. Her time as being His little girl was a part of her life that began when she was being sexually molested, an extremely painful and scary part of her life, feeling confused and after the initial shock and physical pain of being molested, after the first year a little girl who as in real life learned to accept and become a willing partner in her abuse ::crying::, a part of her who she is struggling with now as an adult; now in kink friendly therapy to help process her acceptance and enjoyment those years until she was 15 years old, it was a secret she held deep inside of her until last year during training in transparency, she hopes that she will be able to process this part of her life soon, it is painful, shameful but as Daddy and her therapist says it is a part of her life that was painful, scary, difficult but along with all of her life experiences makes her who she is today.

brownie ::smile:: is very close to the safe, happy escape she as a 10 year old little girl created in her mind then eventually acting out a place of safety, comfort during a very scary part of her life no child should ever have to endure. She was a very happy well adjusted little girl before it happened but as the raping of her little body, young mind and giving heart she began to change, even now reading her report cards as a child the change is obvious, she became extremely shy, passive, extremely introverted to the point she took on being a puppy, shutting out her pain, shutting out her fear, a place she crawled into constantly, her only other escape getting a bit older was reading and music which eventually replaced her puppy. The puppy she is now does not carry any recent pain or sorrow but does give her a sense of complete safety under her Owner, a place of happiness, silliness, love, depravity and a place to just “be”, a place she loves, finds complete joy in and now finds without she needs while in service to Master. 

dd is the slave she is now, free and at peace with her servitude, knowing without serving she is incomplete and unhappy. She is an extremely mental slave that grows and learns being trained with deep mental forms of kinks, extreme humiliation, degradation, objectification and extreme edge play. For the first time in her life she is growing as a slave, the slave her Daddy is molding her into to bring Him pleasure in all forms and happiness into His life, she has never felt more complete in servitude to another. A very depraved, dark, happy, sweet, highly sexual object is slowly being created by the most amazing Man she has ever known, a Man who’s needs compliment hers amazingly. She learns more about herself each day with His help, some aspects painful to bring out, others a surprise, and most importantly she has learned to love herself, the little girl, slutpuppy and slave she is becoming a place of happiness, healing and depravity with her Master.

Daddy she is now and forever grateful for engaging, becoming familiar with and finally owning her mind, heart, body and soul ::crying:: she loves You with every part of her. ::At Your feet at home where this little brown soul and onion belongs:: crying….

2 thoughts on “Peeling back the layers on this little brown onion…….

  1. Mmmm…yes…My lil putita, brownie and dd…what can I say…I must be the luckiest Daddy, Owner and Master of this piece of complex, dirty brown property. Although I have had several subs in the past…most are of one persona, one role, one specialty..for a lack of a better word. I, like most Doms I believe, enjoy different types of subs/slaves. As a result, I have had a lil girl before…I was her Daddy. I have also been with a pet girl before, once again, thoroughly enjoying that dynamic..and I have been with a slave before…I did not collar any of them because of different life circumstances as well as a sense of some unfulfilled desires on My part.
    Now, after meeting this magnificent brown beast of a lil girl/pet/slave, My greatest wish have been fulfilled…to have complete ownership of a all three…in one. To make it even better, she is also a pain slut and a humiliation slut who…no matter what pain I give her and no matter what humiliating task I order her to do, she does it…and her dirty fuckhole gets even wetter. Yes, My piece of property is complex, and an onion, but one onion I plan on to continue to peel and take delight in for a long time…whispering to her…she is My putita, brownie and dd….


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