Turn her off….

“It’s hard for an educated woman to turn her head off. That’s part of the joy of being a submissive. None of the decisions are yours. When you can’t refuse anything and can’t even move, those voices in your head go silent. All you can do, and all you are permitted to do, is feel.”

― Cherise Sinclair, Dark Citadel

She has always been a deep thinker, most who truly know her have at one point or another have told her to quit over thinking things….. Ok so show her how is what would always go through this overthinking, depraved, way too mental for her own good little brown doggie every time she heard it. 

She has finally grasped and understand this head space, to finally learn to shut off those voices in her head…the doubting voices, the critical voices, the worrying voices, the sad voices and just feel the moment, oh my gosh what an amazing f@cking place to be. For the last few weeks she has been trying to figure out what exactly has helped her grow in this area. She finally came to the conclusion that out of all the lovely, caring, degrading, depraved, humiliating, happy places the Man she serves brings to her life the most important aspect of her dynamic with Master is TRUST.

Trust knowing revealing all of her is accepted and desired. Trust knowing no matter how far down into His dark, depraved rabbit hole He takes her she is safe, He protects her, mind, body and heart. Trust feeling His beautiful Heart caring for her. Trust He will be and has been honest to her and does not lie to her. Trust that He will take her to places new and will not run away from her when she panics in fear, tears, doubt but hold her paw and collar from the beginning to the end. 

The second and amazing reason that takes her to that place is the look He has in His eyes, piercing, loving, scary, sweet, seeing right through her ::crying:: and most importantly the TRUST she sees looking into His eyes…. and crazy enough when she is looking into His eyes and thinking about it she will like now break down into tears….His eyes can debase her, make her feel acceptance and love, feel her dirtiest and lowest and bring her to her knees at His feet with one look ::crying:: Never before has she felt such an intense connection with another and she knows she never will with anyone else, she is His completely and gratefully.

Thank You Daddy….. ::crying::

6 thoughts on “Turn her off….

  1. Trust is a funny thing in that it is one of the few things that needs to be reciprocated in order to truly work. I have had subs in My past where I felt I could not trust them, which also limited Me in where I could and wanted to take them. I felt as if I could not lead them as far as I wanted to take them, as a result, I held back, which resulted in Me being unfulfilled and unsatisfied as a Dom. This had a hand in what ended previous relationships.
    Now, with My fat assed lil brown beast, I am happy that W/we work well enough together that she trusts Me. For I know I can’t take her to places that I want to take her without it, and vice versa…petting My owned doggy’s back…..smiling as I look through her eyes into her soul…..

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