His slutty little brown beast of humiliation and degradation…

When she began her search six months ago to hopefully find the Man who she hoped to share a dynamic with in service she would never in a million years imagined that she would one day relish being His pathetic dirty mexican slut, lil brown beast, His toilet paper, and Daddy’s urinal, or that she would beg to drink his piss, cum for Him as she licks her own shit from her nipples,  beg to suck and lick His feet, beg with her mouth open wide that He spit into it, and above all thank Him for reducing her to a sub human little creature she never would have believed it nor would never have imagined how alive and joyful she would feel after being humiliated and objectified. Nor would would she have believed the wetness and mind boggling orgasms through extreme degradation would be so intense and addictive. She has always found humiliation to be very arousing, therapeutic even; an experience where His mind takes her through degrading her to extremely dark places. And by being taken into that darkness she is completely and gratefully rewarded with a mind boggling cathartic release.

Now knowing that this form of play is Daddy’s favorite she gets a huge amount of pleasure from being on the receiving end of what He so intently enjoys putting her through, but the most amazing part of this sick, dark, depraved mind fucking He puts her through completely remains about how the degradation taps into something deep within her psyche; something extremely erotic and incredibly hot and in her point of complete subspace doing all these depraved things to please Him is the mind boggling, cunt dripping look in His eyes watching her, becoming and feeling her most dirtiest, her most worthless and looking into His eyes and see Him smiling at her degrading her further for being such a dark, sick little brown bitch for Him.  She feels such a crazy sense of value knowing that the degradation is being done to her under His control, the Man who cares for her and knows just how far to take her without damaging her mentally. 

It is during those times that for her religion is born, a point where she receives His complete acceptance of her pathetic, little depraved mexican soul, a point where she desires to drop to her knees and worship Him; Mind, Body, and Heart for opening her up and so expertly drawing out all her dark depraved desires to feed both of their depraved minds and bodies incredible passion and mental and physical pleasure. 

Daddy thank You for teaching her to accept who she truly is and training her to both enjoy and revel in her most humiliating and degrading moments without shame but with pride knowing as she does she brings her most amazing White Beautiful Master pleasure using her.

Te amo Papi…. Tu eres mi Vida…

Tu putita sucia….brownie ♥

2 thoughts on “His slutty little brown beast of humiliation and degradation…

  1. To My magnificent lil fat assed bitch beast, brownie,

    she is most welcome for being taught her true place, her true value as a beast…nothing more. A beast that, without My control, would be at the mercy of her over active fuckholes, like most brown bitches are. she is welcome for Me saving her and keeping her safe…even if it means humiliating and degrading her…rubbing her nose in her own shit and piss as she cums from the humiliation…she is welcome for finding the true her…a slutpuppy named brownie, who was always there…but was too afraid to give into her…she is welcome for learning just to give in to her basest instincts..to just be…without thought or fear knowing that her Superior White Master, Me, will debase and humiliate her further, only so I can see how much of a slutpuppy, pain slut, slave and whore she can be…and although I am saying she is welcome for all of those things… I also want to thank her for also being and doing those things…because W/we both want to know how far down the rabbit hole she will go..giving her an evil smile…lowering My hand and knowing exactly where her head is…as she is on fours panting, just behind Me at My side… Petting her head…good girl…


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