Is her submission to Him a gift?

Before she begins her thoughts on her submission she wants to make it very clear she writes this as her feelings about her submission to her Master and there is nothing wrong with thinking that as a submissive giving of yourself in submission is a gift nor that you are wrong. She writes this in hope that she can give others her perspective on her submission that perhaps others may have not considered.

Her submission being a gift does not work for her in fact she sees that attitude egocentric and pretty much says the slave has some degree of superiority. She sees herself naturally submissive. She does not at all consider her submission a gift, rather she sees it as her natural place as a woman. As she said in an earlier entry she was raised in a home where her mother was subservient to her father and she now in both her vanilla and collared life lives the same way…she was both she feels born subservient and with her raising was conditioned to be as such. She has to have a very deep emotional connection to serve and the Man she serves has to have a very powerful dominant side in order for her to serve, thank goodness Daddy both accepts her deep emotional connection and His extremely powerful Dominance over her ::swoon:: 

So in closing to answer the question her title invokes, no, her submission is not a gift but rather the natural order in her life being born a woman who desires to be an obedient and loving servant to her Master and the joy it brings her serving a naturally Superior Dominant Man. Thank You Master for the opportunity to be who she knows she was born to be and training her to be a positive aspect in Your life…..putita ♥

2 thoughts on “Is her submission to Him a gift?

  1. My dearest putita/brownie,

    I appreciate her thoughts on this matter. I have often heard the same political correctness a lot. Now, I understand that a submissive/slave/bottom always has the right to choose whom she submits too. However, once that choice is made, then that is it. If the sub has truly been collared, then the choice to not be collared anymore is taken away from the slave/sub.
    Now, do not get Me wrong in thinking that is it. Once the slave/sub begs to be collared (yes putita/brownie…I am speaking directly to you 😉 ), then it is incumbent on the Owner/Master to take the thoughts and feelings of the sub/slave into consideration and not take her for granted. If that is done, then the slave/sub becomes unhappy, then the dynamic is thrown off making them both unhappy. As I have said to My putita/brownie…this is a two way street W/we both have to work….without putita/brownie, I would not be an Owner/Master/Daddy…but on the other hand, she also would not be a putita/brownie without Me…


  2. You never cease to amaze her with making her feel so wanted as Your slave, she is soooo grateful for that. Beg she surely did those two months to wear Your collar, till her knees were bloody, her voice had left her and her eyes refused to create tears.
    Those two months were the most difficult, heart wrenching, though provoking and amazing time she has endured as a slave opening her eyes, mind and heart to a place of complete submission, time spent that as difficult as it was cannot ever be replaced in her heart as a time of complete joy, happiness freeing her mind for the first time to let go and just “be”. Thank You for this amazing journey Papi…she loves You.


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