His Discipline…..

What does “discipline” really mean? The dictionary defines discipline in several different ways:
* To train by instruction and practice,
* Controlled behaviour resulting from disciplinary training.
* Control obtained by enforcing a compliance or order.
* To teach to obey rules or accept authority
* To produce a specific character or pattern of behaviour, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.
* A state of order based on submission to rules and authority – for example – a teacher who demands discipline in the classroom.
*A punishment intended to correct or train – to enforce obedience.

The word, in simple terms, means to teach or train another being to follow a particular way, and to enforce that training, to ensure obedience.

I am a cam model on various sites online, during my time getting to know customers many request things that go against rules set up for me by Master to ensure my safety in my life. Seems so many do not understand what being obedient as even a vanilla woman means. I grew up in a household where my mother was obedient to my father, my sister and I learning this basic rule of respect and practice this in our own lives now as adults. My sister is vanilla but still is submissive by nature. I do find it a shame that today has become so different, a lack of respect by most women being wives or girlfriends is so hard for me to watch, so many women would be amazed the difference in their lives in a positive way if they would practice more respect for the Man they spend their lives with. Obedience and Discipline has always been a part of who i am be it in my vanilla life and now as a collared slave to Daddy. 

My dynamic and relationship with Daddy is, without question, a dictatorship. He makes the rules, and I almost always with a happy heart obey them without hesitation. He teaches me through discipline which also includes punishment which i accept knowing that without His discipline and punishment if needed He cannot demand obedience and without obedience He is unable to mold me into the slave i yearn to be for Him and what He knows i am capable of becoming.
I want and need to be disciplined, I want and need to be controlled, I need both of  those elements in my life to flourish and grow as His slave.
This is without doubt, the most fulfilling and complete relationship I have ever had. The feeling of being owned and being Master’s property, whether as His puppy or little girl accept His dominance over me to invoke discipline how and when He wishes, it is indescribable the safe feeling it gives me. I am totally secure and trust Him to always know what is best for me and i am forever grateful for Him caring for me as much as He does to dedicated His time to making sure i remain obedient to Him always…..

2 thoughts on “His Discipline…..

  1. I am pleased that My brownie understands why and accepts the reasons to be disciplined, whether physical or mental. she is spot on as to the reasons it needs and must be done.
    Now, the discipline doled out yesterday was just as hard on Me as it was for her, and I hope that My brown beast understands that. But, because it was done, she became compliant with My rules again, and knows how she felt during the punishment…hurt, disappointed, humbled… Which she apologized for and I have every confidence that she learned as a result of being disciplined. Yes, W/we all make mistakes, but as long as My lil fat assed brown bitch beast learned from what happened and corrected her behavior, then what happened yesterday, had a positive outcome for both her and Me. I care for her and always want the best from her and for her…looking down, smiling and petting her…good girl!!


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