His protection…..

aa7fb73d4ebbcf9586f41e439d8faa49I am browny’s Owner. Now, I understand everyone’s predilection to their own kinks and what turns people on. I do not cast stones at others whose own perverse desires are different than Mine.
However, My bitch does not engage in, nor will talk about her experiences in the past. She also does not condone what happened to her. At this time, she still has difficulty dealing with it, which is normal for anyone who has been molested as a child. How she has learned to deal with it is quite different than others have, and you don’t know how someone may or may not respond. I am a professional who works in this field and has seen how hurtful this can be…in addition, how illegal it is. Now, to read that you have a daughter angers Me greatly and has Me greatly concerned.
At this time, I would implore you to stop any and all contact with My bitch.


browny’s Owner

The above letter was written to a person by her Daddy who has on more than a few occasions sent her requests to help him molest his own child and with all previous requests she has either blocked or sent emails requesting to leave her alone. 
She can go in so many directions with this but right now her first thought is the amazing feeling it is to be able to go to Him when she feels threatened in any way. She has always been the kind of girl that was extremely self sufficient who was proud to say she needed no one, especially a Man to take care of her in any way in her life be it financially, emotionally, or physically but her feelings and ability to let go have shifted. Her earlier years were about protecting her children, caring for ailing parents but now she is free to be who she desires to be, give up power of her fears, needs, things she cannot control to a Man who she trusts. This is actually the first time in her life that she has trusted another completely to handle certain aspects in her life, to ask permission and know that the answers she gets whether she likes or not is for given for the good of her well being emotionally, physically and mentally and oh my gosh what an amazing feeling, so freeing!!!
She used to wonder why it was so important for Dominants to demand for control of her in every way, if fact she fought to hang on to control never trusting, never wanting , never desiring to give it up then last year little by little she began to give up parts of her reins first to a Man who had owned her and had been a huge part of her life for many years, still not trusting Him 100% she  realizes now. Then and now to a Man who she has with great joy and comfort handed herself 110% to. She now admits how wrong she was all those years fearing to let go, now today it has been admitted to Daddy that He has saved her from so many painful aspects of her life she for so long endured all with the stubborn insistence of being boss. She was almost led to places in her life she deep down inside knew was not her nor safe for her well being mentally, emotionally and physically and she just has now to publicly thank those who helped her along the way to learning how to trust, those who led her astray so she knows the difference and my greatest thanks to the Man who owns this very grateful brown girl for showing her what is right and wrong and how to love herself enough to give all of  herself to Him knowing He will take good care of His property, protecting and caring for her in a way no one has………so warning to all  those opportunist lurking this little girl is protected by her Master.
Te amo Sir Daddy P….. ❤

One thought on “His protection…..

  1. I am happy she has learned the errors of her ways and that she is able to trust Me…to know that I will take care of what is good for My magnificent beast…for she is Mine..looking down at her…a little behind Me, heeling, like a My good lil bitch, patting her on the head…saying…good girl… 🙂

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