To “be”…..

Master is a Man who has needs, no different than any and i am honored to be His vessel in body, mind and soul to satisfy Him.  He has rules for her. He trains His lil brown bitch to follow these rules to learn to do things to His liking so that she is of use and pleasing to Him. And in return for the first time she feels truly wanted and needed, desired by an amazing Man who’s Mind is dark, depraved and so beautiful. A Mind along with all of Him she has fallen in love with, she knows many feel love complicates owning her but without loving the Man she serves she is unable to serve completely. And in truth, because of her love for Him  it has built tremendous trust knowing He also cares for her, and with that trust He has been able to push His brown little slut way beyond her limits. I love the honesty between us. For the first time she has no secrets, no pretending, she has freedom to finally be her complete self and with that comes the safe place and  peace and trust in her heart to let go and give Him her mind, all of it, to finally know what it means to just “be”. Be nothing, no worries, no sadness, no fears just learn to have a clear mind to finally just be the little girl and now His puppy girl brownie. One of her daily tasks is to leash herself while He is working and let go to everything thought she has, to be His little pet, no thinking, no worrying , no fear, just the safety of being His, it has become the best part of each day, never in her wildest dreams would she think that being less human could be so rewarding filling her heart with love and happiness. Thank You Daddy for showing her the kindness, patience and discipline she has needed for so long now to give her the freedom to be who she was always meant to be, Your putita, Your it and Your brownie….she finally knows what it is like to feel wanted, cared for, cherished, treasured, and adored by the Man she serves….♥

3 thoughts on “To “be”…..

    1. Very good brownie…I knew she was getting it…getting to place where she can be My pet, My putita,
      My it, slave, slut when I asked you the other night when she was in My presence, “what is she thinking?” her response was what I have longed to hear…not only from her, but with sub’s past. However, never had I heard it come out so eloquently and to the point as My magnificent brown beast has…her reply, “nothing Sir.” I have never heard that answer before, especially coming from a beast who obviously tends to overthink and stay in her head the majority of the time. I was elated, smiled at her and then slapped her, telling her “good girl…that is where I want her….not thinking…and just be.” I grow more and more attached to My brownie everyday…and obviously…she is becoming what I want and need her to be. Leaning over and petting her….good girl brownie…good girl…

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