Truly His lil brown beast…. browniegirl 🐶

As she searched the parking lot the frigid wind and rain pelting her face her mind swirling around only thoughts of Him.

Thoughts of love and and subservience and the over powering feeling of lust she had that moment, the same lust that consumes her every day being His slave.

She looked throughout the parking lot without seeing Him, she finally sends Him a text, as she reads His response she sees Him and no one or nothing in her world matters but running to Him. As she reaches Him and sees Him standing there looking at her with His eyes she melted, her heart becomes happy feeling just like the little girl He can only bring out in her. He opens His arms wide and she is at home, His arms surrounding her with instant warmth and safety He now can only bring her.

He unlocks the door and let’s her inside and as she closes the door she is at peace. Just sitting there with Him alone brings out the true little deviant and slut she truly is. He looks at her as she smiles at Him. As He reaches over grabbing a huge handful of her hair from the back of her head pulling her to Him she is in her happy place once again, sweet, silly lil brown beastgirl brownie doggie, an amazing mind space for her, one of love, loyalty, comfort, safety and lust, complete, abandoned lustful needs. As He drives with her hair held tight she pulls back oh His grip knowing He will only pull tighter and as He does the feeling sends desire and primal lust from her mind to her very needy hole between her legs. She gasps, moans and giggles knowing she is no match to His strength. As He finally stops the car she can barely contain herself, she begins licking His hands, fingers in her mouth, in between His fingers, neck, cheeks, she is beyond lost in lust for this Man she adores, serves and needs tremendously to own every part of her. As she continues to look into His eyes while licking His hands He again takes her hair and brings His face and lips to her ear, whispering what a slut she is then asking her to open her mouth, taking two fingers He begins to move His hand back and forth, bringing her closer to Him with her hair. He again stares deeply into her eyes as he pushes His fingers deeply into her throat watching with lust in His beautiful eyes as she is completely enthralled and in another place with lust gagging, drooling and whimpering, grinding her pelvis and cunt into her seat, over and over again He takes her there, smiling and grinning in both lust and disbelief the truly lustful little brown animal He owns, she begging with her eyes and grinding for His attack of her throat to never end. In between her moans and drool He grinds His hand against her cunt laughing at her as her body responds back automatically grinding back, all along calling her His little slut slapping her face, spitting in her face as she whimpers agreeing with His every humiliating word, she even now with it only be two days cannot remember all of His words degrading and dehumanizing her and it does not matter to her, she will be whatever and whoever His depraved sadistic Mind desires her to be then, now and always….Thank You Daddy for taking her there, using her for Your amusement and not allowing her release, reminding her that her existence is for Your pleasure always….Your lil brown beast and bitch…brownie ❤

2 thoughts on “Truly His lil brown beast…. browniegirl 🐶

  1. Yes My lil brown beast…so sexual in her service to Me…so depraved and desperate to do whatever I want to do to her. Sitting there in the car, seeing her looking pathetic and depraved, with the look begging look in her eyes…wanting and needing to be My lil brown beast to this White Master, eagerly licking My hands, My face and anywhere else I would have told her to. The lil beast is slowly becoming what I want and need everyday…I am truly lucky to have found her, collared her and own this magnificent beast!!!

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