To Be Free….

When she is Your good girl her body soars, her wings flood with joy and she flies beyond the heavens with happiness.

When she has made You happy and You acknowledge her growth with praise her heart smiles inside knowing she has pleased You.

When You enter her mind with Your dominance You touch her with Your ownership and the world slips away the many reasons for self doubt are crushed and she is free, she is complete and she can finally breathe a sigh of relief because she is finally Yours and she is safe.

When she kneels humbled at Your feet and she lifts her stare adoringly to Your Powerful Blue Eyes we become once again connected, You see right through her. You see her flaws her insecurities and in that moment her heart, soul, body and mind has been freed to rise, to be complete to let go of the fears, the walls tumble and in that moment,

she is free.

2 thoughts on “To Be Free….

  1. Yes…the ultimate paradox that many people don’t understand…the slave/sub is free when under someone else’s control. Many people think, how can someone be free under the control of another. However, this is true because the slave/sub is free to be who they truly are, rather than fighting or pretending who they aren’t to fit what the larger society believes is true. This freedom only comes when a Master acknowledges this takes control over them. This is also true of the Master. They are also free to practice what they believe is true rather than fitting into the norm of society. Good job My lil brown beast…good girl 🙂

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