Delving into the Darkness of His Mind…

His Mind is not like most, it is dark, devious and depraved more so than any other she has known. With the more she get to know Your mind the more animalistic and primal she is starting to feel Daddy…

Any Man can bind my flesh, but only a true Master has ever bound my heart like You have Daddy. … For her, it takes You sending her into a more pliable space like last night listening to You describe something of deep fear to her, where she imagines her again being taken to a point of nothingness, her chest ripped open, her heart in shreds,nothing left but raw primal emotion. , sending her into a more deep mental state both listening and imagining it was actually happening to her. Her need to delve deeper and darker into first Your Mind then hers has become so strong,

She will admit that It scares her at times. She feels herself slipping further and further, deeper and deeper into the part of her she now know exists and part of her wants more than anything to fight it for fear of the unknown, as terrified she felt last night she finally calmed down and composed herself, gosh this is so amazing and so humiliating she noticed a lot of wetness between her legs, she had pj shorts on, reached into them and found Your cunt soaked as if even her cunt is controlled by Your  mind, she now has found liberation submitting completely to Your dark, strong Mind. It crushes her weak dark mind, it has captured it. She has reached a point that she has become unable to go against Your will and nor does she want to, it is like You have a sort of tunnel to her subconscious and can change her thoughts by force with Your Mind. Like after opening up to You in text message how she sees You in her life and Master and how happy and complete she feel in submission to You, how much respect she has for You and as her feelings have become so apparent she almost felt like she was in some kind of subspace and feel so incredibly owned, her mind, heart, body soul all of her in service to You.  Her first reaction was to say somehow is that her body is reacting to Your depraved thoughts and extremely dark places in Your mind You showed her last night and what her place is to You , crying. she does not know. Anyhow she is very grateful for all you have done for her bringing much needed happiness again back into her heart….xoxoxoxo

browniegirl ♄

2 thoughts on “Delving into the Darkness of His Mind…

  1. Mmmmmm….yes My lil brown beast….I knew she would be both frightened and intrigued as her weak mind cannot possibly compared to Mine. As a result, she would be compliant…as long as I lead her…slowly…by her leash down darker into My Mind…

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