Her Roles as His……

as her training continues she realizes the roles He has chosen for her are in fact some she may have not thought about before He introduced them to her. Now she sees and is amazed how much she agress with them. He after all these years must have assessed her and who she was both mentally, emotionally and sexually. This is just a guess on her part because she has not asked Him how He chose her roles and if He saw something in Her those many years of interacting with her. 

Her first role to Him was His little girl, putita. She has always felt so attached to Him as a little girl, it is the way she initially connected to Him and during stressful and emotional times in her life He and the Daddy He is to her then brought her so much comfort sometimes even for just a few minutes to perhaps days thinking back on their interactions. To this day Daddy gives her so much comfort and security more so than any she has known even as a child with her own father. Daddy brings out the little girl in her she was before her sexual abuse began, the happy times before all the painful, confusing, fearful, then accepting of times in her life. The protective Daddy during times in her childhood she felt completely safe and happy. She had another Daddy not too long ago who played a different part in her life, a Daddy who brought out the little girl in her during her molestations, the little girl she was after the shock of what was happening ended and acceptance and later enjoyment, yes you read correctly the acceptance and enjoyment of those years. I could not process this part of me for a very long time before she finally admitted of her abuse to that Daddy, and she still has trouble processing it and is now in Kink Friendly therapy which has been helpful. 

To continue with her roles as His slave the second and one she is in training for now is His puppy brownie. Many years ago when finally realizing she was part of this lifestyle as a sub and later slave in the beginning she associated herself as a pet and after investigating the role as a puppy girl. After trying to connect as a puppy on a few occasions and failing she realized her needs changing to a little girl and did not pursue the pet role again until now as it was a very strong desire of His that she read later already in training to Him. She had never felt secure and trusting enough of the others who tried in the beginning to take the steps, most of them deep into Mind play such as dehumanization which was something that was incredibly  hard for her to grasp for years until now, her thoughts with her ability to delve deeper than anyone else in this area is because she had already build a deep trust for Him years ago sharing her life and fears with Him. Now with that being said she during her initial desire to be involved and learn more about herself as a submissive chose a pet or puppy girl for a reason that she has recently opened up painfully and explained to Him. During her time of abuse she had began to stop communicating with those around her, even in school as a 10 year old reading her report cards today can see the change in her, introverted, extremely shy, timid etc. Her way of escaping her own mind, fears and thoughts would escape into a role she both felt safe in and far away from danger in. She began imagining she was a puppy dog as having one of her own and being very close to brought her comfort and love and happiness. So after both realizing what direction Daddy was headed in with His desires and training her as His pet she had to face agai n her past but also face such strong amazement this Man who is now her Daddy and Owner has now not only drawn out happy and safe places of her childhood has become the Man in her life she has become attached to in those roles and as herself as His slave. The love, trust and respect for Him is something that not only amazes her only becomes stronger with each passing day. 

In closing she would like to express her gratitude for His many years of patience and dedication in getting to know her and bringing out happiness once again to her life that was missing for so long…..♥

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