Service through love….

As a slave I’ve often wondered how others can serve a Master without an emotional bond. I have served without love in an uncollared capacity to a few in play or in domestic servitude and of course the joy to serve another for me knowing He or She will be pleased is rewarding but i could never find complete fulfillment collared that way.

Since collared i have also noticed that the unruly disobedient slave is slowly being transformed into a very pliable slave who tries her best to obey His every command, as i have been disobedient, stubborn and selfish in my prior collarings and this is very exciting for me Obedience is becoming  second nature for  me, my mind just complies with His demands without even thinking about it  By all means that does not say that I still do not need sooooooo much work and training it just means that it is a great feeling that i am growing little by little and even more exciting is it tells  i am exactly where i should be, under His boot as slave and property.

Now, I wake up smiling and go to bed feeling like there is actually another person in this world who understands me and is with love and patience helping to make me better. I feel accepted, the good, bad, insecure all of me and that is an amazingly wonderful feeling. 
With each day that passes since Master collared me I’ve found so much peace and joy. ::smile::

Thank You Master

2 thoughts on “Service through love….

  1. And as an Owner of dirty, brown mexican bitch beast, I also go to bed and wake up amazed how she is so compliant and to Me. As I have said to her in the past, a Daddy can’t be a Daddy without a lil girl…an Owner can’t be an Owner if there is nothing to own. I appreciate slutpuppy so much as she brings Me great joy and entertainment on a daily basis…without looking…I drop My Hand to My side and pet the top of her head…knowing that she has heeled a little behind Me, where a good doggie should be…saying…good brownie…good girl…


  2. ::looking up:: she knows only how wonderful serving and pleasing You is….being compliant to You Daddy is her pleasure . She loves being Your little girl, dirty brown beast, doggie, whore, it….she is so grateful.


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