IMG_8996I sit here still  wondering how lucky i turly am. Tonight on Christmas Eve. I received the most amazing gift I have ever received, my heart has never been touched so deeply as it has tonight by any Master I have served or by any Man in my life period. There are people in our lives who are amazing to us in one capacity or another and Master tonight You proved Yourself amazing in every way to her. ::Crying:: You have blown her away with the special Christmas gift You gave to her tonight. No one she has known has ever taken the time and dedication to work on something for her as You did tonight, thank you so much Master for showing Your little brown girl a wonderful part of Yourself and thank you for making her feel so cared for on this our first Christmas and hopefully first of many more together her in service to You. 

Merry Christmas Master…


2 thoughts on “Graditude….

  1. My brown beast is very welcome. I am happy that she enjoyed her gift that much. When I was completing it, I didn’t realize it meant that much to her…as I know others would have not appreciated it as much. So, once again, she is welcome and I am glad My brownie/slutpuppy/whore and putita enjoyed it that much…Merry Christmas 🙂


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