Punishment that hurts……

Today she was given a punishment that at first did not seem to her something so bad but as her day progressed the more it consumed her. She would like to say that she is not in any way complaining about being punished because she knows that He has to and sometime such as this time the punishment that He is handing down will hurt Him more than her and that saddens her but she also thanks You Daddy that You care enough for her to correct her.  When she met her Master and Daddy they communicated as such, He is an amazing Daddy and when she found out He was interested in her was so excited. We had been communicating online for many years and she never imagined that He had plans for her to become His pet, His puppy. As these months have progressed much of her training has been in the dehumanization process of the transition into the mindset necessary for becoming a puppy. After her recent collaring ::wagging tail:: she loves You Daddy; to continue; her training has transitioned to a very loving time for her as His slutpuppy brownie. This has been something she had never imagined she would enjoy so very much as she has always ONLY communicated with Daddy as a little girl. As a little girl she has the most amazing desire to please Daddy which she believed could not be surpassed by anything else as His little girl until now. The single-most favorite phrase she loves to hear as His slave is“Good Girl” as she wants and needs to have her efforts to please her Daddy acknowledged. To her pleasing Daddy the Master she loves is to her one of the greatest pleasures in her life. It is an emotional fulfillment so deep that it goes far beyond any sexual expression..

So as she said she never imagined that pleasing Daddy as His putita would feel so amazing and now serving Daddy as His slut puppy she has grown to love very much, the scurrying around the house dressed in nothing but her knee pads playing with her squeakers, eating her meals from her doggie bowls and now even the way she was trained to relieve herself on puppy pads will also not be allowed and missed. Starting in 12 minutes brownie will be dead, as she is not allowed to be brownie at any level for the next 24 hours. and she cannot believe how sad she feels, Worse part yet is that now Daddy who loves His silly brown bitch brownie will also be without her for her carelessness…… Sorry Daddy 😦

//^ ^\\
( (_•_)\)

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