Her place as His puppy….

I have always been terrified of dehumanization especially at the thought of being reduced to a sub human state. Today for the first time the fear was completely gone replaced with renewed hope and an immense need to please….

From the moment I hooked the leash to the O-ring on my collar my mind began to first wander to Him, imagining myself playfully looking up to His face. Again my mind wandered to some of the depraved and dark fantasies swirl through my head. I am not sure when it exactly happened but I am sure Master knows, He has such an amazing way of some how without me knowing it accepts a fear i have battled with for years but as i was down on all fours eating lunch from my feed bowl it hit me not only do i not fear becoming His pet, His dog, His it but i now realize it is something that my instincts now cry out for, it is more than a craving or desire it has become something carnal and primal with a huge dose of desperation to be taken to new levels of dehumanization and debasement that He so amazigly takes me to without the fear that has consumed me for so many years. 

Thank You Daddy

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