As my life changes daily in training to Master every day i learn something new about myself and become more grateful for all those who have helped in some way, whether my biological family or those special friends that i have created life long bonds with. 

In the approximately 15 years that i have been involved in the BDSM Lifestyle i have been collared only three times. I have always been an extremely private person so i have always struggled with becoming completely transparent to whom i serve. And again being newly collared it is a struggle. I feel so blessed to after so many years and many ups and downs that come with service to a Master i am blessed to have four wonderful Men in my life that have helped me in so many ways from finally showing her that transparency to the Man i serve is not only an amazing place to be mentally in service but without it i will never reach my full potential as the slave i so desire to be. 

So with so much love and respect I want to publicly express my gratitude and love for these special Men. First off i want to thank Papi my first Master for the many years of love You have shown me, we have been through so many trials and accomplishments together in these last almost eight years, I am so blessed to know You and still be allowed to be a part of Your life to drive You crazy and make You laugh…Te amo…besitos. Second to thank is Daddy Pain…You have been an amazing wonderful friend to me for soooo many years and has seen me through so much. I also thank You for allowing me to again be Your friend, I missed You terrible that year after my release. You will always be my best friend and i will always be here to drive You nuts hahahaha…NO YOU F*CK OFF!!! Love You Senor. Next I want to thank my Step Daddy for never ever leading me astray and always being at times brutally honest with me. After all these years and so many times I have run to You in a panic not knowing how to grasp a fear i am facing in my many trainings You have always been there to give it to me straight, leave my panties wet, turn me around, pat me on the head with Your wonderful “good girl” and send me back to where i belong a little bit smarter. Love You very much.

And last but by no means least I would like to thank Daddy…You after soooo many years of being someone that i always ran to when my life seemed to be falling apart, and never once did You turn me away even though learning things about myself recently and my selfishness i deserved to be turned away. Each day that goes by i feel so much stronger and self confident about myself with You guiding me, teaching me, humiliating me, disciplining me, and making me feel so safe to finally be who i am completely. i truly believe that after all these years of searching and years of driving my previous Masters insane You are the Daddy and Master and Owner that i completely belong to, all of me…..thank You soooo much for wanting me, i Love You so very much….crying.

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