“Humiliation is the beginning of sanctification”. ~John Donne

The many delicious ways a devious, cruel, sadistic sexy as hell Master can cast Humiliation upon a very willing and more devious submissive, each one in bold font not only have I endured painfully but also enjoyed to the point of being reduced to a sub human object or what I fearfully call an “it”. 

  • Overlooking someone, taking them for granted, ignoring them, giving them the silent treatment, treating them as invisible, or making them wait unnecessarily for you
  • Rejecting someone, holding them distant, abandoned, or isolated,
  • Withholding acknowledgement, denying recognition, manipulating recognition
  • Denying someone basic social amenities, needs, or human dignity
  • Manipulating people or treating them like objects (it) or animals, rather than as a person (thou).
  • Treating people unfairly
  • Domination, control, manipulation.
  • Threats or abuse including: verbal (e.g. name calling), physical, psychological, or sexual assault, attack, or injury
  • Reduction in rank, responsibility, role, title, positional power, or authority
  • Betrayal, or being cheated, lied to, defrauded, suckered, or duped
  • Being laughed at, mocked, teased, ridiculed, given a dirty look, spit on, or made to look stupid or foolish.
  • Being the victim of a practical joke, prank, or confidence scheme.
  • False accusation or insinuation
  • Public shame, disrespect, or being dis’ed, downgraded, defeated, or slighted
  • Forced nakedness
  • Rape or incest
  • Denigration of a person’s values, beliefs, heritage, race, gender, appearance, characteristics, or affiliations
  • Trespass such as violating privacy or other boundaries
  • Violating, denying, or suppressing human rights
  • Losing basic personal freedoms such a mobility, access, or autonomy; being controlled, dominated, intruded on, exploited, or manipulated
  • Diminished resources resulting from being defrauded, robbed, cheated, evicted, or being deprived of privileges, or rights
  • Having safety or security reduced by intimidation or threat
  • Being treated as an equal by a lower stature person.

As the quote above in the title line suggests with enough suffering of humiliation one may become holy. I am what folks in my circle of friends among the lifestyle I live based on BDSM refer to as a HUMILIATION SLUT. Yes, sounds insane but what is even more insane is the puddle of sticky, goopy, delicious girl goo that is left between my legs and behind where ever I plant my ass when my Daddy graciously and deserving my worship takes this depraved, little dirty slut on a mind boggling, cunt dripping trip up, down, back and forth through Humiliation Lane.

The human psyche both the conscious and unconscious or what I call the true soul in each of us is a beautiful thing, even more beautiful is the connection between two people who’s psyches or souls compliment each others like that of my Daddy and i. His most amazing talent in the Art of Humiliation compliments and consumes my constant need for it. Yesterday and as mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, I am only allowed to orgasm slurping my own piss or tasting gently my own shit.  So in my always soul searching need for humiliation I decided to video Daddy my search and fulfillment  of said need me first crapping on a puppy pad like the the slutty little dog i am for him and then pushing my own limits to bring pleasure to both Him and myself by not just tasting gently but taking into my mouth my own excrement and chewing it like a wad of bubble gum as i gagged, cried, and rubbed my tiny clit to  4 mind boggling orgasm all in the name of bringing myself and Daddy humiliation. Thank You Daddy for Your amazing Mind and what it does to this depraved slutpuppy. 

In closing I leave you with another quote which combined with the top one proves one thing, that this little girl ::polishing halo, fluffing wings and pulling on her DocMartens boots:: is one hell of an ass kicking, brave, and almost holy little deviant 😉 

“The fear of humiliation appears to be one of the most powerful motivators in individual and collective human behavior.” ~ Donald Klein

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