Becoming His puppy…..


Yesterday was just such an amazing peek into becoming Daddy’s human dog, as we played it was amazing to feel all of her inhibitions disappear, they just melted away.  The comfort level she has with Him is just mind boggling. Her brain went into pup mode so smoothly, it was almost as if her pup mode went into auto pilot. In the last eight weeks practicing puppy use of floor, puppy pads and yard for toilet training plus now even when away from Master she eats her meals in doggie bowls on all fours along with drinking water. Never did the thought that these training techniques would put her into such an amazing head space as His little slutpuppy.

As a puppy she finds great joy in pleasing and serving her Owner so much like a pet dog. If you own an actual dog you will agree with her that dogs are also always looking for ways to be pleasing to their owners and looking for recognition when being a good dog and find happiness having their heads patted, hair and back stroked and told “good girl”. Her little dogs are so very heart broken and show it when they disappoint her and are told bad dog. She also felt actually heart broken when she learned and was told by her Owner that she had disappointed Him during His last visit with her. She often compared herself to a little dog who had unconditional love for her Master she served or with anyone of emotional importance to her she often would tell them that she was just a dumb little dog sitting at their door waiting for them to glance at her, pat her on the head, smile or allow her to enter into their hearts. 

All of these little connections she feels while being Daddy’s little slutpuppy leaves her just so excited with her future with Him and learning all the ways to please Him, bring Him pleasure, yes sexual pleasure also as His dog, she is highly sexual and extremely oral and this weekend was an amazing eye opener into the dirty slutty puppy she is and will be for Him. Thank You Daddy for showing her not to be afraid of her inner desires and with so much kindness and acceptance encouraging and allowing her to be Your dirty little dog without fear of ridicule. 

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