“My little brown bitch. Only useful things about her are her holes, her udders and her cooking.”

She read that today from Daddy and felt so happy…. Yes it may sound cruel to a vanilla girl but to a slave such as her it just gives such a warm fuzzy feeling in all the right places ::grinzzz:: Today was such a wonderful day with Daddy, talking all day about so many things, learning things about each other, likes, dislikes but more importantly to her, learning His wants, dislikes, needs in order to serve Him better.

She is always in submission to her Master whether He is present or not, ready to please Him at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances. The privilege  to submit and to please Him is so very important to her, it is a need that runs deep in her heart. Today she had been licking and sucking His feet, hands, neck etc…He finally looked down at her and asked ” And what does My little brownie want?”  She answered nothing but to bring You pleasure and make You feel good Daddy, she has always been one so hungry to please, so happy to bring pleasure and happiness to all around her, it just makes her sooo happy to finally bring pleasure to a Man she serves, it has been so very long. As she told Him this she thought perhaps He does not approve; self doubt always seeming to grab her harshly when she freely expresses herself, but then as she looked up she realized He is the One finally who accepts her, all of her….her doubts, insecurities, silliness, tears, perversions. She can finally be herself completely….no secrets, no pretending, no trying to be something she is not, just her. She told Him that this little brown dirty, depraved little girl adores Him, and of course ::smile:: He asked her why. She told Him because He knows all there is to know about her and He accepts her, the real her….. His response ::swoon:: “And why wouldn’t I? she is a wonderful and a dirty stupid lil brown slut/whore/putita/doggy bitch that knows her place underneath and behind her Superior White Master”…..  and that she is wanted and accepted. For the first time ever for her she is serving a Master who accepts her completely and wants her….today was a great day in this little girls journey of submission.

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