Darker corners of His Mind

“You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – Morpheus, from The Matrix

Two years later and  still gratefully  venturing infinitesimally deep down His very dark and depraved rabbit hole of degradation, humiliation and objectification, crawling closely behind the Man who collared her almost three years ago. With every trip down the twisting turning seemingly never ending tunnel she begs to be taken on she resurfaces hoping she is one step closer to reaching it’s true nature as His property and object, being stripped slowly and almost always painfully of it’s dignity, humanity and personal autonomy while being degraded, dehumanized and humiliated surrendering all of it’s existence happily, learning it’s place at His White Feet where a brown, inferior fuckpig, animal and object like her belongs. 

This journey has not always come easy for me…. As long and she can remember becoming an “object” and “it” has terrified her to the point at times into panic attacks. It has also been not only eye opening slowly being transformed but extremely humiliating leaving this depraved creature in a now constant state of arousal with His training in long term orgasm denial paired with forced edging many times a day. Since her last post she was His puppy brownie a very happy, naive and almost innocent little creature which she enjoyed tremendously opening her mind and heart with easing some fear and building more trust learning He is here 100% leading and guiding her each step of the way. 

Looking forward to her next entry delving into the many steps and personas she has been taken to on her very mental and emotional journey becoming His now fuckpig and objects of use for His needs and pleasures. 

Pretty Fluffy Tail….

Receiving her new butt plug puppy tail this weekend was very exciting for her. As she took it out of the private packaging it was shipping in she began to feel warm, flushed and happy. She pulled out the tail which was wrapped in a large ziplock baggie and found it hard to contain herself wanting to feel the softness of the fur on her hands and face, as she rubbed the soft fur on her face she began feeling the familiar sexual desires she experiences being slowly taken into her mind space as His bitch. Her mind begins to relax, she shuts out the world around her, focusing on her Owner, His voice, His eyes, expressions on His face and just being, washing away any thoughts of her human life, an almost trance of warmth, happiness, very oral sexual desires and depraved needs, the desire to please Him as brownie is huge, desiring to be pleasing to Him in any way she is trained by Him to be.

Puppy play for her is letting go of all her human inhibitions, stress and worries, stripping away of dd His slave and little girl and becoming very primal, stepping out of her everyday reality, She is in her every day life quiet, shy and very much an introvert. Her identity as His brownie, His puppy is very different from her human self, as His bitch she is expressive and creative very much different than who she is, the freedom of not needing to speak is amazing, learning to communicate with Him on a completely different level, a very deep and emotional level for her. As with each time she enters into her puppy mind space she as mentioned closes off her world around her, as she strips off all of her clothing it begins, naked now on her knees, on all fours. Pulling on her knee pads she is already brownie, ears, nose, collar and leash no longer human, now a subhuman brown little doggie beast He has helped her create in mind, heart and body to please His needs as an Owner of a human pet. As His pet she is at her most vulnerable emotionally trusting Him with all of her, especially her mind and heart.

Back to her new tail. She loves it, the softness, color, fluffiness and the way when inserted will sit partially straight out before it drops to look just like a puppies tail, happy, brown, fluffy and totally her. She of course took pictures and sent them to Him thanking Him and promising that it will not be worn for the first time without He being the one to insert it and see it before anyone else does as she is His pet and all of her including this fluffy tail she holds in her hands that He knows as well as she does when inserted into her will push her mind deeper than it has gone before into the mind space His puppygirl brownie has ever entered into.

Daddy she can hardly wait to see You this week, she is not sure which she is more excited for, pleasing You with her new tail; shaking her big brown ass making it wag happily for Your amusement and enjoyment or the 42 belt lashings her fuckhole will endure for You in honor of Your birthday ::shivers:: she is bouncing off the walls anticipating the pleasure she will be allowed and grateful to bring You ::big smiles::

Love You Daddy!!!!!

The two sides of her “IT”….. a lesson in dehumanization.

To be an edge player mentally can be a very happy, deep, dark but safe place for her when taken there by Master as it was this morning. A lesson in dehumanization, to being reduced to His object, as she calls it His “IT”, reaching today finally took her to a mind space that with Him today was a wonderful, sexual depraved, needy, owned, very safe place to be. Mentally a place that hurts but in a good way knowing it is cherished and cared for, taken there not only to please His depravities but hers also, a place of mutual enjoyment and complete respect, a place she flies in, a place she needs, a place He takes her to and returns her safely feeling loved and cherished.

Then there is the other side of being “IT”, the place she allowed herself to to slip into it, taking the highly sexual, extremely depraved drive her mind and body at times pushes her into, the person without Master will take her to the as the saying goes, To he wrong side of he tracks, a place others believed she belonged to be because of her promiscuity, high sex drive, a place of pleasing others, even strangers. A place she could have easily been taken to if it wasn’t for the the tiny little quiet voice in her conscious telling her it was a place of danger, disease, perhaps never coming back the same both physically and mentally, a place she would have allowed herself  to to gain love from another, a place she will never have to know now, a place He protects her from….

She finally realized the place she was heading for today in her lust for Him was a cold, dark lonely place, a messed up place she was reduced to when she was little girl; used, abused, taken then just used for years not as a cherished little girl but as an object, and “IT” to satisfy sick delusions that taking her was ok, it was not and left her empty and angry but now she knows the difference and is grateful for the Man she serves and kneels to now…..who keeps her safe from herself and the dangers she can fall into…

Beautiful Emotional and Mental Marks……

she has never felt such a deep mental and emotional attachment to  Man or Master before until  now with her service and devotion to Daddy. she has always felt a deep connection to this and finally is able to relate to it’s words to her own real life. Daddy You bring out in her such an amazing desire to give of herself in every way, a place of safety and love she has never known till now. She is proud to wear those marks emotionally and physically marking her soul Yours now and for what she hopes lasts forever, they are marks of the amazing growth she has experienced in service to You heart, body, mind and soul.

It means more to mark a soul, than to leave a scar on flesh,

as where fingers cannot touch, only hearts can…

Often we hear people discussing their marks. They wear their bruises, welts and cuts as badges of honor, ready to show them off to anyone who will look upon them. The web is full of pictures of body parts adorned with bruises, piercings, tattoos, welts, marking the wearer as owned, as a proud submissive, as a ‘good’ slave.

And yet, few focus on what to me is most important. Few focus on the eyes, the soul, the emotions that connect Dominant and submissive, Master and slave.

The marks that I wear on my soul are marks that will stay with me forever. They have become a part of me, a part of my growth, a part of my journey in life. They will never fade.

I think one reason for this is perhaps the difficulty in describing what one feels. There is little if anything that matches the sensations, the thoughts the feelings that are contained in the soul of a submissive.

How does one describe the overwhelming desire to please another?

How does one describe the need to be controlled and to obey, even when obeying is not the easy thing?

How does one explain that even when their mind aches, their heart hammers, the desire to close up, to run in fear of one’s self, become so overwhelming a scream begins to form deep inside, that one turns to their Master, their Sensei, their O-sama, and finds comfort in the struggle, comfort in the strength of him?

How does one explain the freedom found in peeling the layers of a lifetime, opening like a flower, soft, sensitive, and even raw, and feeling SO safe in the opening?

How does one see these things you may ask. How can one see the emotions, the feelings? Impossible, right? No it is not impossible. They are visible. They are visible with the heart, the soul, the eyes even, if one chooses to look deep enough.

It is visible in the eyes of a submissive as she looks to her Master
with longing.

It is visible in the hushed whispers of a Dominant as he praises
his submissive.

It is visible in the stern voice of a Master as he chastises his slave.

It is visible in the touch of his hand on her shoulder,
when fear fills her eyes.

It is visible in the respect they show each other, themselves, and those around them.

And it is visible in the unselfish way the slave serves her Master, giving to him all that she can, and more when that is his pleasure.

The marks on the soul reside within. Some much more difficult to see than others. Wear them with honor. Cherish them. Display them proudly. Struggle to describe them if you must, but more importantly, simply feel them, surround yourself in them, and find freedom in them.

Crawling down….

♥ She is a mother, she is a sister, a lover, friend and forever will be a daughter♥

♥she is also His slave dd.  A slave that needs to be His brownie, and has truly always been His putita♥

♥A slave is not all that she is, it is a PART of who she is♥

she has thoughts, feelings, wants, desires, and needs like anyone else. Being a slave does not mean she gives up who she is. It means she becomes more aware of who she is. Some close to her have asked truly how can this be so if she allows someone to own her mind, her heart, her body and her soul????

her response to them is that it is possible  and it is because of the trust she shares with the One she calls “Daddy” and “Master”. she trusts  Him to not hurt her and He doesn’t.

she trusts Him to know her, better than she knows herself and so many times she is reduced to tears as He proves that to her.

It is easy to hide from herself and to say things aren’t so, that all is ok, that things are good , until she has to write them out for Him.

Then it becomes real.
Then comes the time to face the fears, the darkness, the light. Taking her leash on the decent down the now familiar hole of depravity He leads her, she obediently follows needing to find the truth He brings her to realize, the truth He already knows.

When the fears are faced and the truths revealed again He emerges from the darkness of His mind her in tow, returning her back stronger, more committed  more in awe that with each fear she faces the happier she has become, and most importantly without the shame she had admitting before crawling down that dark hole the true slave, slut, dog, whore and “IT”  she finds so much joy being for this Man who she was meant to serve all her life and now finally does.  

Stripped of the shame society has put on her all her life she is becoming a better slave for Him and finally a friend to herself each journey He takes her on…..

♥♥♥She loves You Master♥♥♥

Thank you Daddy…dd, putita and brownie!

Trust and Betrayl….

There is no excuse or valid explanation for lies, for deception, for betrayal. Ever.

The moment of betrayal is the worst, the moment when you know beyond any doubt that you’ve been betrayed: that some other human being who you put above all in your life could and did betray you, completely smash trust built, what now? She has been there on more times she would like to admit, now she is grateful that her path’s led to Him.

Now a handful who read this who know her very well may be saying in their heads”It is about damn time silly, stubborn, selfish, scared little girl” particularly one, yes ::pointing:: You know who You are because You must have become sick of hearing her sarcastic “WHATEVER” as You tried to get her to calm down long enough to listen. “It is about damn time silly scared little girl” She agrees You were right, yes oh my gosh, quit worrying about the future, sad about the past and just live in the moment and enjoy. ::rolling her eyes:: WHATEVER hahahahah, she loves You my dear friend. And You of all people knows she is the stubborn defiant girl who always needed to learn the hard way, angered in the end people like You were right.

Now she knows a huge part of finally letting go is coming to terms and finally letting go of a relationship that was in the end a very sad place for her, constantly living in the past and grasping to anything to stay there. ::looking up to previous paragraph:: she knows how hard You tried to get her to understand we were no longer good for each other, that she needed someone who would take her places You could not, ::crying:: thank You for not allowing her to run away from Him, for convincing her that her feelings meant something, quit living in the past and start a new chapter without fear. ::Shaking her head:: HOT DAMN were You so right dammit…..::SMILE:: He is so good for her and she hopes she is good for Him. Now the past with it’s anger in her lifestyle life is gone….

To present day ::huge dorky puppy smiles:: finally she is learning to to just live in the moment, the present and what an amazing place it is to be with You Master, never imagining that life could be so intense, moving, deep, dark, enlightening, happy, holy crap she could go on finally feeling completely owned, finally trusting a Man to give all of herself to and receiving back something she had desired for so long , a Master, Daddy, Owner who wants her, enjoys her, dare she say has feeling for her and shut up, as she says expressing her love for Him without saying she is sorry for it. The places You have taken her to, just being, relishing the moment, giving in to the feeling, no worries, no distractions are so mind boggling, happiness, trust, hope, darkness, ::evil little grin::

Now with her daily meditating ordered by her sexy as hell, smart, evil, caring Daddy, trusting in a Man who has given her training in such a positive way to let go, accept, just “be” and delving into the teachings of Buddha have helped in freeing herself of her anger and unhappiness living in the past.

When she lives in the past or future, she misses out on the freedom and peace in the now. When she truly looks at her resentment with clear eyes, mind and heart she can finally recognize her part in everything that happens in her life, good and bad knowing that holding onto the past is a path she is slowly leaving behind with the help of the positive Man she now serves.

She finally has learned how the past keeps creating her future, and when she is conscious of this finally she gets to make another choice FINALLY learning to slowly forgive the past and embrace the now, just being, a blank mind without influence on anything or anyone to distract her, an amazing place to be…… thank You Daddy for allowing her and helping her understand with Your training to just let go……to finally be free to be who she is not hiding it but finally relishing ever moment and new thing she learns.

Finding a place of happiness and comfort as His dog brownie 🐶

Topic of her journal was chosen by Master….

Of the three dynamics and personas she enjoys in service to Daddy, she told Him brownie is the one she connects to the most with Him, His slutpuppy so He told her to explain why. It is quite surprising to her that she has always at a very high level clung on to the little girl in her, and she does still but she has found an amazing amount of joy and pleasure being His pet, a dynamic that over 15 years ago when taking her first baby steps into this lifestyle was incredibly interested it, but she never connected with anyone that met all her expectations as an Owner. That may be surprising to some reading that she would have expectations, she does and refuses to settle for anything less knowing if she does learned from past personal experience the emotional relationship with anyone will work and if let long enough will destroy any hopes of completely serving 100% knowing she will inevitably feel unfulfilled as she will struggle to hang on to the emotional aspect and SETTLE.

When she went on her search last August she decided to take a serious attitude in her search knowing if she did not it will be a waste of time for herself and anyone she decides to engage in possibilities of service to. She will have to mention it was a effen exhausting experience many times wanting to throw in the towel but she did not thanks to her last Master who had ordered her to begin her search as He had moved to another country. So she plugged away, she met many wonderful Doms along the way, some well she is sure You can imagine. Now in her postings regarding her search she made it clear contact is made is because her profile was read and they are aware she demands that the Dom be extremely perverse equally to her or preferably more so than her, she also demanded He be a sadist expereinced in most both mentally and physically extreme edge play, she explained she was a littlegirl and if they were not a Daddy do not waste her time.

Then it happened, a Man she had known for years, a Man who was a huge part in her life in the early 2,000’s as someone of comport, a Daddy who she could run to when she felt her world unravelling, a Man who at times would watch her disappear for months at a time, she is she sure even a year but every time she searched Him out there He was, never demanding, never judgmental, always there unconditionally for her to reach out to. So needless to say she was so surprised when He made His intentions known regarding her search, during the first few weeks we began to learn things about each other and much to her surprise, excitement and fear He yes being a Daddy is in search of a sub or slave to train to be His pet, bitch, puppy, taking them to a point of finally surrendering themselves completely. Now anyone that knows her knows dehumanization and becoming what she calls an “IT” is something that was a mind space that just thinking about it and especially if brought up by a Dom in her life was a place in her head that would literally throw her into a tailspin of panic.

At this point she has to mention as a child she experienced trauma to her body and psyche that at that age she was unable to understand so she began to slip into a pretend world to somehow escape the pain and confusion she was suffering through especially the first two years, she made up a safe place for herself, she always thought if she was a dog, puppy a man would not want to ever touch her so for many years since age 10 she even now when having a hard time dealing with life will just escape to a place of peace, safety, comfort a place that after going through His training in dehumanization so far as his pet can say she finds no other dynamic with Master more rewarding and attachment to, a place finally not so long ago she learned again to just “be” as she did as a little girl, ::crying hard:: so much so she did not want to come back from as hard as she tried eventually with Daddy’s help after He got home pulled her back ::crying:: it was the most terrifying thing she has experienced and of course was no longer allowed to engage in that persona, little by little she has learned to control her strong mental pull as His puppy and has been given back a few of her favorites while being His dark, depraved, happy, dumb, silly, horny and very grateful puppy brownie 🐶🐾💙!!!

::wagging tail:: 

Slutpuppy’s day at the park


Mushy tuna sandwiches, sighs, smiles, protein bar, drooling, pain,evil grins, tears, long soft kisses, sobbing, blushing, whimpering,crying,  gagging, orgasms, cathartic release, fear, growth…all these things have one thing in common that this depraved brown girl has always feared and hated “Public Play”. 

Public Play/ Exposure – Play which involves exposing oneself in public (i.e., flashing). Used for control, humiliation, degradation and all sorts of fear filled activities.

She is a very open slave, depraved and very sexual with very little limits. But the fear of being placed in such a vulnerable place, so much so on some of her profiles in her BDSM commuity she lists it as her only limit. So as she had already previously mentioned to Daddy that she is fearful of this type of play but that she understood as He reminded her that she communicated to Him of her desired hopes that He pushes her limits and
accepts and trusts His training  because she desires to grow in all aspects, mentally, emotionally, physically.

She can sometimes not make enough time when getting her tasks done and preparations for the days they meet, meaning bottom line she has been known to be late on occasion, sorry Daddy. So the morning of their picnic Master advised her that He is giving her sufficient notice and will give her updates of His work day to insure and insist no excuses for being late as His time is already limited and does not appreciate her lack of respect with His time. Needless to say if You know her personally a demand not to be late will usually put her in a slight panic knowing Daddy always makes her accountable for breaking rules or requests with punishment without mercy to show retribution for her actions and hopefully learn something through it. So she had a billion things to do before date so she got to them and got them done early, (hmmm funny how quickly she gets things done when Master demands it hehehehe) So she decided she would prep lunch so that when He was on His way she would leave at same time and arrive first. The menu for lunch? Tuna sandwiches, her not being a fan of tuna didn’t realize that mushy fish made mushier with mayo and mustard then put on bread and left to sit for too long ends up being a mushy bread, mushy fish mess, hahaahaha, she of course apologized to Him that along with the mushy mess she brought a limited amount of napkins, so her nerves were starting to get the best of her along with the thought of Daddy hoping to push her limits decides to take her down that rabbit hole of complete humiliation and degradation. Fidget, sigh, nervous smiles that are so hard not to notice and will ALWAYS push a  Man like her Daddy to torment her further so it begins…..

As she sat sipping her drink watching Him eat and feeling so incredibly happy to be there with Him He asks, You are not eating? Her response was she already ate not realizing that was probably rude to not wait to enjoy a meal with Him sooo at that point she grabbed her protein bar she had brought in  case she got hungry and began to eat that, now she just has to mention that these bars her son calls her twig and tree bark bars as they are very dry and packed with nuts and are very hard to chew requiring small bites be taken. Daddy not happy with her lunch answer took bar from her,  broke it into pieces and began to hand feed His happy dumb puppy which of course got her hot and bothered, gently taking a few pieces from palm of His hand began chewing and chewing and chewing, hand in face again, “eat more” again she daintily takes more pieces into her mouth struggling to chew and swallow what she had in there already hahahahhha, Him just watching her chomp not so daintily anymore on her tree bark bars, starting to feel panicked as He begins to break more up, “eat more” now she is struggling to get the rest into her mouth without making a mess of His hands, FAIL, chew, whimper, chew, chew again Him looking over at her not saying a word, needless to say her lip gloss was not smeared on her chin, bits and pieces of bark stuck in it, chocolate smeared in her cleavage along with more bark falling out of her mouth as she tried to get that damn tree chewed up and swallowed, then it happened, He shows her His hand, chocolate alll over palm of hand, fingers and at base of His long fingers, “clean my hand” chew, chew, chew, insert fingers into her mouth, lick, lick, smearing more on His already soiled hand, panic sets in as a large group of a men’s baseball team are arriving to practice, many of them walking in from of the car, it took a bit more time but she finishes the tree and opens up to show Daddy, now back to the task of properly cleaning His hand, and of course we all know that the proper way to clean chocolate from the base of long fingers is to shove fingers down her throat so she can reach the chocolate, gag, gag, cough, whimpers. As His other hand gets a handful of her hair at nape of her neck she begins to panic knowing that is when the real fun begins as He begins to push her head from behind while the other hand is pushed further down her throat, choke, gag, drool, tears, moan, the struggle begins and her headspace begins to change as she looks deeply into His eyes, seeing the dark desires, the sadistic enjoyment and it happens, the people playing baseball, the cars driving back and forth are not there, it is just His eyes, at that point not even sound is remembered, just the struggle and depraved need to be more degraded, her sexually desires being horribly challenged as she was under orgasm denial for which seemed like months….squirm, gag, grind, whimper, moan as He of course laughs at, finally pulling out His hand content with her hand job. He of course now has her at a point of no return for her, a point of sexual desire and need to release she will do anything for Him to be given the privilege of having His orgasms as they are no longer hers but His and He determines when and where she cums of course being only when it is going to  amuse and please Him to watch her depraved, dark state of mind push her to new lows to satisfy her insatiable and greedy fuckhole. 

She at this point does remember her being asked if she could cum just hearing His voice and of course being required to bark her responses, bark, bark, whimper, squirm, His eyes looking right through her….. “you have seven minutes to cum five times slut, and yes You can touch Your slimy fuckhole to accomlish it, she not even caring now who might be ears distance of hearing her, reaches into her dripping mess and begins rubbing her little slippery clit, fingers finding their way up her slippery fuckhole, squirm, moan, fast breaths, eyes closed she is abruptly brought back to reality with a slap to her face,” bitch eyes open at all times do not look away or close them again” HUGE STRUGGLE FOR HER!!!! yet it does not matter within a few seconds first orgasms racks her body, twist, grind, pant, moan and as she does again seeing the look in His eyes loving every minute that she will so easily forget her huge fear and writhe in the car in pleasure to please Him and the obvious, to finally get sexual release. “number five Master thank You” in a small breathless voice, eyes glazed, mind spinning, fuckhole still spasming. She is now trying hard to remember what He was asking her, just remembering He was talking to her. 

Head spinning, eyes closing, he takes her into His arms, head in His chest beginning to breathing almost back to normal and a new phase begins of her introduction to His degrading version of take Your puppy to the park  game of Public Play, if cuming loudly, jerking and moaning did not have her on her way to the release she gets with deep humiliation, a cathartic release, loss of control of her emotions as she realizes what she has just done willingly for Him feeling now the pain He is now inflicting on her nipple just put her there, pain, pain, whince, eyes closed, panting like the bitch she is with both pain and pleasure now racking her body. She is one that needs to be taken to a point of such relentless pain that she is reduced to a sobbing grateful calling out for her Daddy in between sobs, finally releasing all that she holds in her mind and heart. Sobbing and calling for Him He knows she is there, the destination He loves to take her to and that she needs to cleanse her mind and heart. After she calms down honestly she does not remember much of anything else but the most amazing, tender, slow loving kisses He gives her, so tender and having such a huge contrast as the look of sadistic pleasure He had seconds ago has her fighting off tears of thanks and love for the Man who took her to another trip down His depraved, dark rabbit hole. Of course her always following willingly knowing it will be a dark place that feeds off of her fears and as racked with fear she may be on the decent comes back safe, full of gratitude and love for Him and already looking forward to growth and conquering her fears with the most amazing Man she knows. Thank You Daddy for again filling her body, mind, heart and soul so perfectly with Your needs and fulfilling hers.

::At Your feet::


Promises of Devotion….

She has for years desired one day to present her Master a list of promises to Him as His slave…. she began working on this list while in training to Him hoping that He would find her pleads to wear His Collar sincere and take her pathetic self as His property. So today Master she presents to You her promises as Your slave in thanks and happiness to be Yours in devotion and service…..

  • she will serve, obey and please her Master always with thanks and joy.
  • Above all else her primary focus shall be to please her Master, hoping that He finds her pleasing in all that she does, whether she is in His presence or not. her
  • Master knows her potential, learning more about her in each day she is with Him. He trusts that she will act in accordance with what He perceives of her potential – He knows what is best for her and how important it is that she sets a good example for other females who may be present around her.
  • she worships her Master always.
  • she worship her Master’s body.
  • The power of her Master fills her with awe. Just the sheer thought of Him or the hearing of His voice gives her strength.
  • To receive pleasure she must earn it.
  • she worships her Master’s belt.
  • she trusts her Master: His responsibilities, His skills, His hunger and needs, and His concern for her safety, her emotional, psychological, social, sexual, and physical health.
  • she is nothing more than an object of great value – an instrument Master will use to draw out His pleasures.
  • she will ask Master for permission to satisfy whatever need she has before acting on it.
  • her body, heart, soul and mind are the property of Master.
  • she must always give thanks to Master for all she is given immediately after receiving what He has given her, for such things are gifts or privileges granted to her by Him.
  • she must be both specific and explicit in speech.
  • she will not hesitate when responding to Master. her focus is important to her growth.
  • she will thank Master for the discipline and punishments she receives, specifying what she received and expressing the reason as to why she was given them.
  • she has no will of her own.
  • she is always in submission to Master whether He is present or not, ready to please Him at anytime, in any place, under any circumstances, regardless of who may be present. For the opportunity to submit and to please is by far more important and satisfying than any other pursuit. she trusts Master will keep her safe, protecting His reputation and hers in the presence of others, as He examines het ability to present herself to Him and to others in a subtle manner when required to protect our lifestyle from those who may not understand, nor support, as long as our behavior is not in anyway misrepresented nor misinterpreted by those who may be afar. she is to set, once again, a good example, ready to explain my position to others when required to do so.
  • All her choices shall be based upon whether or not they will please Master.
    When she is not in the presence of Master she will have choices to make – she will perform them to the best of her abilities and within the boundaries and guidance He has allowed her.
  • she shall wear the collar Master has placed on her with pride for it signifies His ownership of her and her devotion to Him.
  • When He decides she is ready – she shall wear His rings to signify her submission to Him – one pierced through each nipple of breasts and one through each labia of of her fuckhole.
  • her mouth shall only be referred to as a facehole for it will often be used as if it were a cunt.
  • her sex shall only be referred to as a fuckhole
  • When the Cock of Master is put into her facehole and she is directed to suck it – she will do so vigorously as long as required to do so gratefully to display her hunger to pleasure her Master.
  • her Master’s Cum must never go to waste – she will swallow all of it when Master cums into her facehole (and be punished should she spill any of it from her lips),
  • she will worship Master’s Cock, its Head and its Shaft, especially when it is hard or when she is given the opportunity to make it hard for Him.
  • she will worship Master’s Ass and shall do so hungrily, being sure to lick between the cheeks for as long as Master requires her to do for His pleasure or to be used as His toilet.
  • she will drink and be grateful for Master’s piss as it is a privilege to do so.
  • her legs, underarms and fuckhole must be kept completely shaved smooth at all times.
  • her fuckhole and ass must be thoroughly washed and of a good aroma at all times, if even perfumed, but especially before serving Him.
  • her “place” is on her knees before her Master, for it is a privilege and honor to be His slave.
  • her greatest felt satisfaction is realized when she knows she has pleased Him.
  • There can be no greater pain or suffering she can feel then when Master is not pleased with her. Naturally she will feel depressed, saddened, empty, and lost, but very grateful He will provide to her the guidance she will
  • need to be put back on track.
  • her submission is a natural inborn feeling, and at times a surging and powerful force inside her that only a knowledgeable Master can recognize, control and manage, for a He understands how her nature influences her behavior and how temptations to act outside of its drive can easily lead her astray and away from her primary focus: to please and to be found pleasing. He, too, manages and controls His Own natural state, sharing with her through a power exchange between us, bonding her tightly to Him, His needs with hers.
  • she will fear no other power as He always her protector.
  • she will not hesitate in her obedience to Him.
  • Whenever Master speaks, even when she is speaking, she is to immediately become silent so she may be able to listen intensely to what He has to say. she must never interrupt Him
  • she chooses willingly and gratefully to be treated as His property.
  • she must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from Master. Failure to receive properly asked for permission she will endure the punishment Master will put upon her without my mercy. Such pleasure must be seen as a privilege so that she does not take advantage of it.
  • she must confess when she has been naughty so that He may decide if such violations require me to be disciplined or to be punished. she must accept whatever decisions He makes by thanking Him for His choice.
  • she must tell Master if she has had an orgasm without His permission so that she can be properly punished for her disobedience and disrespect.
  • Pain and pleasure shall be with her always – in her thoughts and fantasies – for the contrast strengthens her to behave in the manner Master expects and demands of her.
  • her limits do not have to be respected – she trusts Him to take her past them when He expects that she is ready.
  • she has much to learn in order to become a well-trained and well-behaved slave.
  • she will endure whatever discipline or punishment He gives so she can become a better slave for Him.